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Stories for kids

Stories for kids
Stories for kids

Two friends Dharmabuddhi and Papabuddhi lived in Himmat Nagar. Once, a thought came in the mind of Papabuddhi that why should not I go to another country with friend Dharmabuddhi and earn money. Later, by some trick or other, he will live his life full of happiness by cheating. By this destiny, Papabuddhi persuaded Dharmabuddhi to go out with him, tempting him to gain wealth and knowledge.

Seeing the auspicious time, both friends left for another city. On the way, he took a lot of goods with him and earned a lot of money by selling at asked prices. Finally returned to the village with a happy heart.

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On reaching near the village, Papabuddhi told Dharmabuddhi that in my view it is not proper to take all the money together in the village. Some people will start getting jealous of us, then some people will start asking for money in the form of debt. It is possible that a thief steals it. I think we should bury some money in some safe place in the forest itself. Seeing all the wealth, the mind of saints and mahatmas also gets shaken.
Straightforward religious wisdom again agreed with the idea of ​​the saint, a safe place, both of them dug pits and suppressed their wealth and left for home.

Stories for kids
Stories for kids

Short Stories for kids

Later one night, seeing the opportunity, Pappabudhi secretly took away all the money lying there. After a few days Dharmabuddhi said to Papabuddhi: Brother, I need some money. So you go with me. Papabuddhi was ready. When he dug the pit to extract money, nothing was found there. Papabuddhi immediately acted out crying. He accused Buddhism of taking away money. The two quarreled and reached the judge.

Both presented their faces before the judge. The judge ordered a divine examination to find out the truth.)
Both had to turn their hands into the burning fire. Papabuddhi opposed this and said that the forest god would testify. The judge accepted this. Papabuddhi made his father sit in the hollow of a dried tree. When the judge asked, the voice came that the theft was done by the Dharmabuddhi.

Stories for kids
Stories for kids

Moral stories for kids

Then Dharmabuddhi set a fire under the tree. The tree started burning and at the same time the father of sinfulness, he started crying and screaming badly. In a while, Papabuddhi's father came out of the root of that tree, scorched with fire. He revealed the true distinction of witnessing the deity.

The judge sentenced Papabuddhi to death and got all his wealth to Dharmabuddhi and said that it is the religion of man to worry about remedies as well as a cripple.

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