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Horror stories

Horror stories
Horror stories

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It is said that our dreams have something to do with our real life. As soon as we close our eyes, a picture is seen in front of our eyes. Like a cinema, all that is going on in front of us, which we have neither seen in real life nor have ever heard anything about them. But according to scientists, dreams are the product of our unconscious mind. Whatever we want to see, think and do all day in the life, the same kind of moves in front of us in closed eyes, and if they are connected with any kind of supernatural actions then it would be unhealthy. But what about those dreams, after seeing which we spend the whole night in shuddering, we get sweaty after seeing fear and scary pictures? If you are also among those people who have ghosts or demons in their dreams and you are unable to understand the reason for their arrival in your dreams, then we will tell you, why it is frightening to be a part of your dreams? What are the consequences you may face after they become part of this routine?

Ghost stories

1.Calling a dead person: Someone very dear to you has left this world and you still remember him, then you should keep in mind that you should take his name only with open eyes because even if you go into deep sleep If you call them, then it is not right for you. This is said by the experts.

2. Talking with a dead person in a dream: It can be harmful for you to take the name of a dead person, but if you talk to a dead person in your dream or gossip with it then it means that your long-awaited wishes are going to be fulfilled soon.

3.Dead in the coffin: Seeing or talking to a dead person can have different results. If you see a corpse placed in a coffin, then in the near future a big accident is going to happen to you. 

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4.Cremation viewing: Although the cremation in the dream always gives bad results, but if you see a clean cremation in your dream then it means that your business is going to grow. 

5.Growing of age by watching a funeral: If a person sees his own funeral in a dream, it increases his age, but if a patient sees the same dream then it is an invitation to him for a sad event. 

6.Rows of the tomb: It can be harmful to see or sit near the tomb, but if a person sits near the tomb and reads the lines written on it, then he gets a high position. 

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Horror stories
Horror stories

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7.Wife's corpse: The age is long after seeing his funeral, but if a person sees the body of his wife in his dream, then the chances of his getting vulnerable to many diseases increases. 

8. Suicide in a dream: You are unhappy with your life and the troubles ahead. In real life, you are not able to turn your face in your life, but if you try to commit suicide by drinking poison in your dream, then you may have to spend your entire life in troubles. 

9.Watching the funeral: If you see your funeral in the dream, then your age increases, but if you see the funeral of someone else then bickering can begin in your married life. Apart from this, there can also chances that you may have any child after marriage. 

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Horror stories
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10.Carved Graves: Reading the lines of the grave proves positive, but if you look at the excavation of the grave or see the carved grave, disappointment in love is felt.

Last words:
I assume these horror stories gave you goosebumps while reading. Well, don't get anxious and not to feel uncertain at all. This is just for a little thrill in life. I hope you would like to read more of the same.

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