Stories for kids-(Clever Jackal)

Stories for kids

Stories for kids
Stories for kids
Once upon a time, a lion in the forest pierced a thorn in its leg. A claw wound made it impossible for the lion to run. He would hardly walk by limper. It is necessary for the lion to run to hunt. So he could not hunt for many days and started starving.

It is said that a lion does not eat a dead animal, but has to do everything under compulsion. The lame lion wandered into the forest in search of an injured or dead animal. Even here, luck did not support him. Did not found anything.

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Slowly dragging his feet, he came near a cave. The cave was deep and narrow, serving as a den of wild animals. He saw the peep-hole inside, it was empty but around it he saw evidence that an animal was inhabited. At that time the animal may have gone out in search of food. The lion sat quietly so that the animal living in it would be caught when it returned.

stories for kids
Stories for kids

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A jackal lived in that cave, which used to roam outside in the day and returned at night. He returned that day even after the sun had set. Jackal was quite clever. He was alert all the time.

When he saw the footprints of a large animal outside his cave, he suspected that some hunter-gatherer had been sitting in the den to ambush their prey. He did a trick thinking to confirm his suspicions. Going away from the mouth of the cave, he called out "Cave! O cave. "

There was silence in the cave. He again called, "Oh O cave, why don't you speak?"

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The lion inside was sitting fast. The stomach was craving due to hunger. He was waiting for the jackal to come in and deliver it to his stomach. Therefore, he was also rash. The jackal once again loudly said, "O cave! Every day you call me in response to my call. Why is it quiet today? I have already said that on the day you will not call me, I will go to another cave. Okay, I'll leave. "

Stories for kids
Stories for kids

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The lion got shocked after hearing this. He thought that the cave might have actually calls the jackal inside. Thinking that the wolf really does not go anywhere, he changed his voice and said, "Jackal king, don't go anywhere.  Come in." I was looking forward to you since then. "

The jackal recognized the voice of the lion and went away from there laughing at the lion's stupidity and did not come back again. The foolish lion died starving and thirsty in the same cave.

Lesson: A vigilant person never cheats and never get cheated in life.

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