Horror stories-(Crying child)

Horror stories

Horror stories
Horror stories

Real horror stories

Vinay works in an insurance company. His company keeps sending him from one place to another to meet the customer, due to which he could not settle his residence at a place.

This time he had to go to the small mountainous area of ​​Nepal for about 1 month. So this time he took his wife along.

Only he and his wife lived in the family. Vinay and his wife both left for Nepal, as it was cold weather and there was very heavy snow in Nepal.

Those people had reached their home. He had to struggle a lot to reach his house as the house was in a mountainous area in a small village. Because of which both were very tired.

Horror stories for kids

It was past 12:30 in the night. The other houses where he was staying were far away from each other.

Cold air and snow were falling outside. Both were resting in their quiet, suddenly they felt that someone had knocked on the door of their house.

Then they thought about what was happening because of the strong wind, so they overlooked it. ,

The next morning, Vinay came out for work, so his wife was alone at home.

Horror short stories

She could not understand how she spent while sitting in the house, she thought why not go out and see something.
It was cold outside but the wind was not blowing. That's why she put on her sweater and got ready to go out. As soon as she opened the gate of her house, she sees that a small child is standing behind a pillar near the house.

Who is watching her secretly? Vinay's wife called him many times but he did not come and he ran away.
The same thing happened the next day, that boy was seen staring at her again, this time his wife caught the child and asked what are you doing here.

Short horror stories

The child did not say anything. Vinay's wife asked him about his house even though he was not saying anything.
Finally, on asking his name, he called his name Surya in his low voice and then ran away.

She did not understand his behavior. This process continued like this, that child used to stare at her from behind the pole every day.
That day was Sunday night, both of them were burning fire in front of the fireplace in the house because the condition outside was so bad that if someone went out for a while, then it can cost their life.

True horror stories

Horror stories
Horror stories

Horror stories in English

Suddenly someone knocked on the door, both of them again thought that it was happening due to the wind.
Then someone knocked on the door again. This time the sound of knocking was clear. ,
Hearing this voice, both of them got scared because, on that night, they too may be dead.
Both were only looking at each other. Suddenly there was a soft cry from outside the door. Then Vinay said in a loud voice, "Who is outside".

There was no sound for a while, but later there was a slow sound. Open the door. ..... Please open the door, it is very cold.
This voice was that of a small child. Then Vinay's wife became aware of this voice, where she said that it sounds like the same child who used to stand outside the house every day.

Ghost stories

Vinay's wife said that we should bring her in. She was just running to the door and suddenly rang the bell of her home phone. ,
The phone belonged to a woman living in the neighborhood from whom Vinay's wife had met today.
Vinay's wife picked up the phone. From there came the voice of the woman. "Hello, I forgot to tell you that if any door outside your house is knocked on, do not open it."

Vinay's wife said that "Out of my house right now there is the voice of a child who is asking to open the door".
Then the woman said, "No, don't open up at all, he is just soul." Here when there are a strong thunderstorm and cold, then it goes out of everyone's house and asks them to open the door.

Ghost stories in English

He pretends to be cold and tries to open the door. If someone accidentally opens the door, then he is found buried in snow the next day.

As soon as he heard this, the ground slipped from his feet. She started thinking that the one who is knocking out the door is actually a soul!

He did not open the door. The next day, both of them ran to the neighbor and asked about the whole matter.
The woman told that a family lived in this village, due to the breaking of the mountain, that family was destroyed, only one child survived.

He would go to another house and ask for food. One day there was a thunderstorm of snow.

Best horror stories

He was knocking on the other door house outside and was requesting to enter the house.

But no one listened to his plea, all were sitting in their houses because of the cold. Yesterday morning, the child's body was found lying in the snow.

Even today, whenever a storm of snow comes very harsh, his soul comes near everyone's house and pleads. Both were surprised to hear this.

But this happened to him 3-4 times till he stayed there for 1 month. But after Vinay's work was over, he left.

But a mystery always remained in the mind of Vinay's wife that after that incident the child who used to see him outside the house never showed it.

Last words:

I assume these horror stories gave you goosebumps while reading. Well, don't get anxious and not to feel uncertain at all. This is just for a little thrill in life. I hope you would like to read more of the same.

Share your experiences in the comment section.

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