Horror Stories-(The secret of shouting deserted buildings)

Horror Stories

There is hardly anyone who has not heard the so-called real ghost story in his life. You must have heard some such stories from your elders or other family members, after listening to which a little curiosity and extreme fear or panic may have arisen within you. There are also some special places which are considered to be the abode of souls, parents already warn their children from such places. Although there is no shortage of stories related to mystery and horror in this world, there are many places, which are not the stories but actually are the abode of spirits and vampires.

Indian horror stories

Berry Pomeroy's Palace (Totnes) - These stories are associated with this palace of the fourteenth century. It is believed that the souls of two very popular women, a white woman, and a blue woman, stay here. The white woman is Margaret Pomeroy. Margaret's sister was very jealous of her. Because of this jealousy, she imprisoned Margaret. Margaret died of captivity and hunger. No one has yet found out who the blue woman is. But whoever goes after that blue woman has never returned.

Horror stories
Horror stories

Ghost stories

Dominican Hill (Philippines) - People believe that the souls of those who were killed during the war visit here. Those wounded soldiers or patients who still wanted to live roam in this place. The loud knocking of doors, breaking of utensils, and shouting awkwardly confirms the spirits here.

Castle of Daedinburg (Scotland) - The stories about this medieval castle are also very terrible. This palace is very beautiful and attractive to see. The place around it is also very beautiful to see. But amidst this beauty are the voices and screams of dead people. The souls of dead people roam here during the plague and the American freedom struggle. Some people also talk about the spirits of dogs here.

Short horror stories

Monte Cristo (Australia) - This place in Australia is very dangerous. People believe that a woman's soul lives here. After the death of her husband, this woman named Mrs. Crowley came out of her house only 2 times in 23 years. Today it is not allowed for anyone to enter that house. She always makes her presence felt, especially in her room. Light burning and closing automatically is a common sign of this house. Some people say that as soon as he went to that room, his breath started to stop automatically. But upon coming out of the room, his health completely recovered.

Enchant Ram Inn (England) - This building above the cemetery is completely occupied by spirits. Strange sounds are heard here all the time. Along with the smell in the house, extraordinary things are also found. It is believed that there were murders and children were sacrificed here.

Horror stories
Horror stories

Ghost stories in English

Highgate Cemetery (London) - This place is the most notorious haunted place in London. Here head cut souls roam. It is a very beautiful and attractive place. People who come here also get convinced about its artwork. Karl Marx was also buried here.

Horror stories
Horror stories

Screaming Tunnel (Ontario) - The mystery of the Screaming Tunnel is the most terrible of all the stories related to Niagara Falls. This tunnel connects Niagara Falls to Toronto. According to the locals, the soul of a burning girl revolves in this tunnel. At night she sits in this tunnel and burns herself with a match and shouts all night.

Real Horror Stories

Ohio University (America) - Most of the campuses of this university are considered to be honed. The British Society for Physical Research says that Ohio University is one of the most horror places in the world. Wilson Hall became very famous because of a girl whom everyone considered a witch. The girl died after writing extraordinary and mysterious stories on the walls of this hall with her own blood. At the same time, it is believed that in the subject of Washington Hall, the spirits of the players who were killed in an accident revolve here. Sometimes they can be heard playing basketball.

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I assume these horror stories gave you goosebumps while reading. Well, don't get anxious and not to feel uncertain at all. This is just for a little thrill in life. I hope you would like to read more of the same.

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