Stories for kids-(Farmer and his daughter)

Stories for kids

Stories for kids
Stories for kids

A long time ago, a farmer lived in a village. That farmer had a very beautiful daughter. Unfortunately, he had borrowed a lot of money from the village zamindar. The landowner was old and ugly. Seeing the beautiful daughter of the farmer, he thought why instead of a loan, the proposal of marriage of his daughter should be made in front of the farmer.

The landowner went to the farmer and he said - you marry your daughter with me, in return, I will forgive all your debt. Hearing the talk of the landlord, the farmer and the farmer's daughter were blown away. Then the landlord said - Let us go to the village panchayat and the decision they will take will have to be accepted by both of us. They all went to the panchayat and told them all. After listening to him, the panchayat thought a little and said-

Short stories for kids

This matter is very complicated, so we leave it to fate. The landlord will pick up a black and white snag from a pile of white and black ballasts and put in girl's bag and then she will pick up one of the two without seeing it, and on that basis, she will have three options:

1. If he raises a black hole, she will have to marry the landlord and her father's debt will be forgiven.

2. If that white stone arises, then she will not have to marry the landlord and the curfew of her father will also be forgiven.

3. If the girl refuses to lift the stone, her father will be sent to jail.

Stories for kids
Stories for kids

Kids short stories

As per the order of the panchayat, the zamindar bowed and picked up two ballasts. While he was picking the snag, the farmer's daughter with sharp eyes saw that the landlord had picked up both the black ballasts and put them in the bag.

The girl started thinking about what she could do without being afraid of this situation, she saw three ways:

1. He refuses to take the snag and let his father go to jail.

2. Let everyone know that the landlord is cheating everyone by raising black stones.

3. He should keep silent and pick up a black stone and sacrifice his life by marrying the landlord to save his father from debt.

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She felt that the other way is right, but then she thought of an even better solution, she put her hand in the bag and took the snag in her hand. And pretended to slip from his hand without looking at the ball, her ball had now fallen into a pile of thousands and had lost itself somewhere in it.
The girl said - Oh my God! What a slut i am But no problem. You see inside the bag what color of the ball is left, then you will know which one I had picked up which fell from my hand.

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The remaining snag in the bag was black, everyone assumed that the girl had picked up the white stone. The zamindar did not have enough courage to accept his theft. The girl made the impossible thing possible with her thinking.

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