Stories for kids-(Final decision)

Stories for kids

Stories for kids
Stories for kids

Once a general assembly of birds took place in the forest. The king of birds was Eagle(Garuda). All were dissatisfied with Garuda. The meeting was chaired by Peacock. The peacock gave a speech, "Friends, Garudji is our king, but I feel very sad to say that the condition of the birds has deteriorated under his rule. The reason for this is that Garudji is engaged in serving Vishnu in the Vishnu world away from here. They do not get time to pay attention to us. We have to go to Lion king the wild four-footed beast to take up the problems. Our count is neither in three nor in thirteen. Now, this meeting has been convened to consider what we should do.

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Hudhud proposed "We should choose a new king, who will solve our problems and let us sit among the other kings and honor the birds in the living world."

The hen gave up "Kukdu Koon". I support Hudhudji's proposal "

"I agree too," Chil whined.

The peacock spread wings and announced, "It was unanimously decided that we choose the new king, but whom should we make the king?".

All the birds started consulting each other. After a long time, the stork opened its mouth, "I present the name of the owlji for the post of the king. They are intelligent. His eyes are stunning. The nature is very serious, just as it suits the king."

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Hornbill nodded in agreement and said "Sarasji's suggestions are very far-sighted. It is known by all that Ulluji is the ride of Lakshmi Devi. If the owl becomes our king, our issues will be gone. "

Stories for kids
Stories for kids

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On hearing Lakshmiji's name, there was a magic effect on everyone. All the birds agreed to make the owl king.

The peacock said, "Ok, I request to the owlji to say a few words."

The owl nodded and said, "Brothers, I am stunned by what you have decided to put me in the position of king. I assure you that I will do my utmost to solve all your problems using the opportunity I have got to serve you. Thank you."

The flock chanted 'Ullu Maharaj ki Jai' in one voice.

The cuckoo started singing. The eagle went and picked up a silk shawl with a beautiful design. He was brought to a branch and the owl sat on it. The pigeons went and picked up colorful colorful cloths and started decorating them by hanging them on tree branches. Troubles of the Moors danced around the trees.

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Chickens and ostriches dug soil from the claws near trees and prepared a large havan. Other birds brought red flowers and piled them in the pool. Eight to ten parrots sat around the pool and started reading mantras.

The bayonets weaved the crown with gold and silver stars and swan brought pearls and fit them into the crown. Two main parrot priests prayed to the owl, "O bird superior, let's go to the Lakshmi temple and worship Lakshmi."

The elected king Owl walked with the parrot pandits towards the Lakshmi temple, moments after his departure. He was surprised to see a festive atmosphere around. He asked, “Brother, what festival is being prepared here?

Stories for kids
Stories for kids

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The birds talk about the owl becoming king. Crow screamed, "Why didn't I get invited to the meeting?" Am I not a bird? "

The peacock replied, "This is a gathering of wild birds." You have now started living in most of the towns and cities. What do you do with us? "

The crow was roasted on hearing of the owl becoming king. He started banging his head and muttering, "Hey, your mind is spoiled, who starts making the owl king?" He lives by eating rats and don't forget that owls only go out at night. Who will go with their problems and complaints? He will not get it during the day. "

Stories for kids
Stories for kids

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The crow's words started to affect the birds. They whisper among themselves that perhaps they have made a mistake by deciding to make the owl a king. Gradually all the birds started moving from there. When the owl returned with Lakshmi worship car parrots, the whole coronation site was deserted. The owl nodded "Where did everyone go?"

The owl's servant Khandrich said from the tree, "Everyone came to read the vomit strip. all gone. Now there will be no coronation. "

The owl grinned and left. The dream of becoming a king was shattered since then the owl became an enemy of crows and pounced on it.

Lesson: Many have a habit of disturbing the colors of others and they acquire enmity for ages.

Last Words:
Know the logical aspect of everything happening in your day to day life. This story was with the same morals. 

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