Horror stories-(Ghost in my cabin)

Horror stories

Horror stories
Horror stories

Indian horror stories

Khad Khad - Khad Khad ... The train was running at a rapid pace. It was the time of the evening.

The strong rain and intimidating lightning were making their presence felt through the windows of the air-conditioned coaches.
The solitude of the cabin and this dreadful weather were further intimidating a timid man like me.

After a while, the speed of the wheels of the vehicle decreased and the train stopped at the station with a medium.

I could not read the name of the station. I was alone in my cabin and was in eager that any co-passengers will came,

So that while talking, the way forward can be cut easily and an inner fear that has awakened in me, I could get rid of it. Somebody knocked on the door of the cabin and a cool looking person entered the cabin.

Ghost stories

After arranging his belongings, he smiled at me and looked at me and he introduced himself.

I am Mr.Ghosh… He said - I am going to Kolkata… to attend a workshop related to re-birth.

I told him that I am in Kanpur as a lecturer and am going to Patna.
He took out some food items and requested me to eat as well. But I am a very sensitive person.

It was impossible for me to take the food given by some stranger on the train. I very politely turned down his request.

He was no less a master…Laughed tightly and said- are skeptical on me, do not see anything now about what happens next.
Hearing his words, the snake sniffed me, but I somehow hid my nervousness.

Short horror stories

On coming to a station, he would get down and after walking the train would climb again from another compartment.

On asking, I used to do railway jobs in between. After a while, and he started discussing various subjects.

He started talking about reincarnation and called reincarnation superstition. After a while, he asked me if you believe in ghosts?

I said - absolutely. He laughed loudly and said all these are nonsense. I believed in ghosts but he continued to deny the existence of ghosts.
The night had reached its youth, after the discussion I was trying to sleep in an air-conditioned first classroom.

Suddenly I felt like someone is putting hot embers on my throat.

Ghost stories in English

Horror stories
Horror stories

Real horror stories

I woke up… no one else… I had the same fellow passenger in the room except me who was sleeping on the front berth.

Then I started trying to sleep. I was still eyeing that I heard a lot of pressure on my stomach and a loud laugh.

When I woke up, I saw that the hitchhiker was not on the berth. After about a minute or two, he came and said that he didn't sleep ...

Stopping my nervousness, I told him that I could not sleep now and I took out a magazine from my bag and started pretending to read.

The hitchhiker also lay on the berth and in a short while his snoring started echoing in the cabin also got a little relaxed and lay down on the berth.

The train used to slow down sometimes it would catch speed, but my heart was now holding fast speed…,

Horror stories for kids

Due to fear and nervousness, the urge for a short-lived becomes alive itself..and I turn to the restroom

As soon as I opened the toilet door the hitchhiker showed me inside and I ran towards my berth screaming…,

Seeing that the hitchhiker is leisurely sleeping on his birth… I woke him up in a panic… he said, What happened? It seemed so innocent,

He does not know anything...I said - you here and there in the restroom too .... He laughed and said crookedly - how many forms I can live anywhere.

I was filled with sweat in a fit of panic ... I was standing in front of him quite lifeless. He said - you believed in ghosts, didn't you?

Horror short stories

You had to prove your faith is because of people like you that we exist as ghosts and vampires…

Saying this, he suddenly disappeared before my eyes. I was sitting on my berth like a voiceless and lifeless.

Then the ticket inspector came inside the cabin, she found me unconscious. And then went smilingly after checking the ticket and all...

Last words:

I assume these horror stories gave you goosebumps while reading. Well, don't get anxious and not to feel uncertain at all. This is just for a little thrill in life. I hope you would like to read more of the same.

Share your experiences in the comment section.

Have a nice day.

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