Horror stories-(Ghostly places in India)

Horror stories

Although stories with ghosts thrill everyone, if ever these stories take the form of reality, then even the toughest person starts shivering. If ever you encounter a wandering apparition or spirit, then you will start to think about what your condition will be. You may have seen ghosts or wandering souls in stories, but there are many places in India too where you would not like to pay a visit. Places that have been facing a terrible curse for thousands of years and which are completely in the grip of wandering souls. 

Indian horror stories

Horror stories
Horror stories

Ghost stories

Bhangarh Fort (Rajasthan) - There are many places in India that you can call haunted or haunted, but the most terrible of them is Bhangarh Fort. There is no doubt now that this fort is haunted. Although it is a tourist destination, the government has also issued a warning to leave the tourists before it gets dark here. People believe that a long time ago there lived a very beautiful princess named Ratnavati, who caught the evil eye of a tantric who performed black magic. The tantric subdues the princess with his magic and exploits her physically. But that Tantrik died due to an accident and even today the soul of that Tantrik keeps wandering there. According to the curse of the tantric, that place can never be settled. People living there die but their soul does not get salvation. 

Dumas Beach (Gujarat) - The dead bodies of Hindus are cremated on this beach. Extraordinary and horror activities have been felt here many times. People coming here hear strange sounds while no one is around. It is believed that dead people are present in this area. 

Short horror stories

Horror stories
Horror stories

Ghost stories in English

Ramoji Film City (Hyderabad) - This place is a graveyard of infamous and inhuman soldiers. Their soul wanders here even today. The dead soldiers greatly annoy the people who come here. Lightman and cameraman have been seriously injured several times. Local people are afraid to come here but business is not harmed, hence the stories of souls have been told unfounded. 

Raj Kiran Hotel (Mumbai) - A room in Raj Kiran Hotel in Lonavla, Mumbai is in the grip of spirits. Those who have shown the courage to live there say that during the night someone pulls out their sheets and makes strange sounds. Occasional attempts have been made to injure visitors. 

Real horror stories

Horror stories
Horror stories

Horror stories for kids

Savoy Hotel (Mussoorie) - During the British rule, a British girl was murdered in this hotel whose soul is still searching for her killer. The place is also associated with serial killing, but most people believe that the same girl, Lady Orme, is behind these killings. 

Shanivarwada Fort (Pune) - When the Peshwas had authority over the West Indian province, the boy named Narayan, the heir of the Peshwas, was killed as per the orders of his aunt. To save his life, Narayan roamed the entire palace, but still, his killers found him and killed him. He kept calling his uncle but no one came to help him. The locals have heard the sounds of his groan many times even today. That place becomes more terrifying in the moonlight night. 

Horror short stories

Dr. Hills (West Bengal) - There are so many murders in this dense forest. Locals have felt strange things here many times. The Victoria Boys School has recorded a stir during the holidays and the presence of people's spirits. Dissuja Chawl (Mumbai) - There is a well near Dissuja Chawl located in Mahim, Mumbai. It is said that a woman drowned while drinking water in this well. Even today the soul of that woman roams in that well. She does not bother anyone but she has not got salvation yet.

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I assume these horror stories gave you goosebumps while reading. Well, don't get anxious and not to feel uncertain at all. This is just for a little thrill in life. I hope you would like to read more of the same.

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