Stories for kids-(God and farmer)

Stories for kids

Stories for kids
Stories for kids
Once a farmer became angry with God! Sometimes there is a flood, sometimes there is drought, sometimes the sunshine becomes very fast, sometimes hailstones! Every time, for some reason, the crop becomes slightly worse.

One day he said to God, "See, Lord, you are God, but you don't know much about farming, there is a prayer that gives me a chance for a year, as I wish, the weather, then you see how I will fill the food reserves! God smiled and said, "Okay, I will give the same weather as you say, I will not interfere."

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The next day, when the food was over, the son put an old table in the corner of the room, and now the old father had to sit alone and eat his food. Even their food utensils were replaced with a wooden bowl so that the utensils could no longer be broken.

Stories for kids
Stories for kids

Moral stories for kids

The farmer sown the wheat crop when the sunshine was sought, the sunshine was found when the water needed, water given! Bright sunshine, hail, floods, gales did not come, the crop grew over time and the farmer's happiness because such a crop had not been there till today! The farmer thought the mind would now know how god is doing the crop, so we have been harassing the farmers so many years.

The time for harvesting was also there, the farmer proudly cut the crop. But as soon as the harvest started. He sat down with his hand on the chest. There was not an ear of single wheat inside a single bali of wheat. All the earrings were empty from inside, and he was deeply saddened and said to God, "What happened to the Lord?"

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Then God spoke-

It had to happen, you did not give the plants the slightest chance of struggle. Neither did they allow them to face the hail in the bright sun, nor did they feel any challenge, so all the plants remained hollow when the storm came, the hailstones fall, and the Podha stands by its force. , he struggles to save his existence, and the force that arises from this struggle gives him strength, gives energy, stirs up his vitality. Gold also has to undergo a fire to become Kundan, to get into the fire, to dissolve, to melt, only then does its golden aura emerge, make it precious.

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In the same way, even if there is no struggle in life, if there is no challenge, the man remains hollow, and he has no qualities! These are the challenges that give the edge to the sword of man, make it strong and proud, if you have to become talented, then the challenges have to be accepted, otherwise, we will remain hollow. If life has to be proud, you have to become talented, then struggle and challenges have to be faced.

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Simple, sensible stories for kids in very easy language. I hope, you enjoyed reading this story.

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