Stories for kids-(Golden Palace)

Stories for kids

stories for kids
Stories for kids

One night King Krishnadeva Raya dreamed of a very beautiful palace, hanging in the balance. The rooms inside it were made of colorful stones. It did not require lamps or torches to illuminate. Just when I thought in mind, it automatically became light and dark whenever it wanted.

In that palace there were also unique items of happiness and opulence. To reach the palace from the earth, it was necessary only to wish. Close your eyes and you are inside the palace. On the second day, the king announced in his kingdom that whoever built such a palace to the king would give a prize of one lakh gold currencies.

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The king's dream began to be discussed in the whole kingdom. Everyone wondered what has happened to King Krishnadeva Raya. Do dreams ever come true? But who should say this to the king?

The king summoned all the artisans of his kingdom. He told everyone his dream. The skilled and experienced craftsmen explained to the king very much that Maharaj, these are things of imagination. This kind of palace cannot be built. But that dream was riding like a ghost on the king's head.

Stories for kids
Stories for kids

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Some rascals took advantage of this. He looted a lot of money by promising the king to build such a palace. Here all the ministers were very upset. It was not an easy task to convince the king. If it was said directly on his mouth that he was engrossed in a useless dream, then there was a fear of getting angry with Maharaj.

The ministers advised among themselves. In the end, it was decided that no one but Tenaliram could solve the problem. Tenali Ram went out of the city after taking a few days off. One day an old man came to the court of King Krishnadeva Raya weeping and screaming.

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The king comforted him and said, "What is wrong with you?" Not to worry. Now you are in the court of King Krishnadeva Raya. Full justice will be done to you. "I was robbed, Maharaj. You grabbed all my life's earnings. I have small children, Maharaj. You tell me, how should I fill their stomach? 'The man said.

Stories for kids
Stories for kids

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'Have any of our employees tortured you? Tell us his name. ”The king said in anger. 'No, Maharaj, why should I defame an employee by lying?' Said the old man. "Then why not say clearly, what is this breakup?" Quickly tell me, what do you want? "Maharaj, if I get a grant, he says." We will get a tribute. "The king assured him.

‘Maharaj, last night I dreamed that you along with many of your ministers and employees came to my house and took my box and kept it in your treasury. I had all my life in that box. Five thousand golden currencies. 'The old man bowed his head and said.

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