Stories for kids-(A good ruler)

Stories for kids

Stories for kids
Stories for kids

The reign of Sher Singh in Kanchan forest had ended, but without the king there, the situation had become such as Jungle Raj, which he was maintaining at his best. There was unrest in the forest, rampage, dirt, so much that it became difficult for animals to live there. Some animals were remembering Sher Singh, "As long as Sher Singh took over the throne, there was so much peace and unity in the whole forest." If this continues, then one day this forest will end and all our animals will be killed homeless. "

Golu Bear said - "There has to be some solution - why don't we all agree that we can choose a king who, like Sher Singh, will tie us again in a chain and once again the voice of peace will be echoed in the forest.". " All were satisfied with the talk of the bear. But the problem was who should be made the king? All the animals were telling themselves bigger than the other.

Animal stories for kids

Sonu Peacock said- "Why not give some work to everyone for a fortnight, then one who will do his work in the best way, he will be made the king here." Golu agrees to Sonu and then all the animals are given work based on their merit. Bimpi the fox was given the task of removing the soil, the Bholu monkey was given the task of removing the webs on the trees, the Soni elephant picking up stones and putting them in a pit, and the Monu rabbit cleaning the grass.

Stories for kids
Stories for kids

Moral stories for kids

When a fortnight passed, all the animals gathered in a field with details of their actions. All the animals had completed their work with great cleanliness and hard work. Sonu was the only elephant who did not put a single stone in the pit.

Now a problem has arisen again as to whose work is considered best. The wise Monu Rabbit suggested the tip: "Why not vote, we will choose the king who gets the most votes."

The next day elections were held in the morning and all the animals and birds appeared in a large ground to vote. The counting of votes began an hour after the voting ended. What is this! Sonu Hathi was leading in counting and when the counting of votes ended, Sonu Hathi emerged victorious with the most votes. All the animals were staring at each other.

Stories for kids
Stories for kids

Short stories for kids

Then Birshuraj Eagle appeared there and addressed all the animals present and said- 'Sonu the elephant used to go to the pit every day with a stone, but when he saw that my pit was laid in that pit, he would not put the stones in it and put it on the ground nearby Kept collecting Sonu considered it more useful to save a creature, except for the greed of becoming his king. Seeing this spirit of his benevolence, we birds, decided that those who leave their greed and take care of the happiness and sorrow of others, are the only ones who truly deserve to be rulers and since the number of birds in the forest Sonu Elephant won the election because it was more than animals.

Lesson: A true ruler is the one who gives the highest place to the spirit of philanthropy.

Last Words:
Know the logical aspect of everything happening in your day to day life. This story was with the same morals. 

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