Stories for kids-(Greed is bad)

Stories for kids

Stories for kids
Stories for kids

A man lived in a city. He was very greedy. One day moving down the city he heard that if he serves saints and sages, he will get a lot of money. Thinking this, he started serving the saints and sages. Once, many miraculous saints came to his house.

Pleased with his service, they gave him four diyas and said, "Burn one of these lamps and go towards the east where this lamp is extinguished, dig up the ground there, you will get a lot of money." If you need money then burn the second lamp and go towards the right side, where this lamp extinguishes, digging the ground where you will get whatever you desire. If you are still not satisfied, then burn the third lamp and go towards the south. Similarly, when the lamp is extinguished, when you dig the land there, you will get immense wealth. Then you will have only one lamp left and only one direction will remain. You do not have to light this lamp nor take it northwards."

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Saying this, the saint went away. The greedy man lit the first lamp at the same time and went towards the east direction. The lamp was extinguished by going far into the forest. When the man dug the place, he found a bagger full of money. He was very happy. He thought that he would let this gagar remain for the time being, but will take it back sometime. First of all, I should see the money in the right direction soon. Thinking this, he lit the second lamp on the second day and started towards the western direction. Far away in a desolate place, Diya was extinguished. When the man dug the ground, he found a pitcher full of gold pieces. He also allowed the pitcher to stay the same thinking that he should go and look in the south direction first. He quickly became restless in order to get as much money as possible.

Stories for kids
Stories for kids

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The next day he started walking towards the south. Dia got extinguished by going to a field. When he dug the land there, he got two boxes of diamonds and pearls. The man was very happy now.

Then he started thinking that if there is so much money in these three directions, then there will be more money in the fourth direction. Then he thought that the saint had made him want to go towards the fourth direction. In another moment his mind said, "Maybe the saint of North direction wants to keep for himself. I should take possession of it as soon as possible. ”The greed to get more and more money did not let him rethink the words of saints.

The next day he lit the fourth lamp and hurried north. Going forward to a palace, Diya was extinguished. The palace door was closed. When he pushed the door, the door opened. He was very happy. He thought in his mind that this palace is for him only. He will now bring the wealth of all the three directions as well and have fun.

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The man went to each room of the palace. Some room was filled with diamonds and pearls. In a room, precious jewels were filled with gold. Similarly, other rooms were also filled with immense wealth. The man would have been dazzled and would have appreciated his fate. When he stepped forward, he heard the sound of a millstone in a room. When he entered the room, he saw an old man running a mill. The greedy man told the old man how did you reach here. The old man said, "By doing this little mill goes on, I tell you with a breath."

Stories for kids
Stories for kids

Short stories for kids

The greedy man started running a mill. The old man started laughing loudly when he got out of the mill. The greedy man looked at him with surprise. He started closing the mill and the old man kept on warning, "Don't stop the mill. Then the old man said, "This palace is yours now." But it will stand for as long as you keep running the mill. If the mill stops running, the palace will fall and you too will die under it. ”After a while, the old man again said, "I did not listen to the saints with greed like you and all my youth passed while running this mill."

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The greedy man started crying after listening to the old man. Then he said, "Now how will I get rid of this mill?"

The old man said, "Unless a man like me and you, blinded by greed, will come here." Till then you will not be able to get rid of this mill. "Then that greedy man asked the old man the last question," What will you do now? "

The old man said, "I will say loudly to all people, greed is bad.

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