Stories for kids-(Heron and Crab)

Stories for kids

Stories for kids
Stories for kids

There was a huge pond in a forest area. Due to having food in it for all kinds of animals, there used to live many types of creatures, birds, fish, turtles, and crabs, etc. Heron lived nearby, which did not like to work at all. His eyes were also weak. He has to work hard to catch fishes, which used to disturb him. So he would often starve due to laziness. Standing on one leg, he kept thinking that what should be done to get food every day without moving his hands and feet. One day he thought of a solution and he sat down to try it.

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Heron stood on the banks of the pond and felt tears pour out of her eyes. When a crab saw him shedding tears, he came near her and started asking, 'Mama, what is the matter, instead of hunting fishes for food, you are shedding tears?'

Heron hiccuped loudly and said with a sore throat, 'Son, I have hunted much fish. Now I will not do this sin anymore. My soul has woken up. So I am not catching any fish that come near. You are watching.
Crab said 'Uncle, if you will not hunt, you will not eat anything then will you not die?'

Bagula took another hiccup 'It is good to destroy such a life, son, we all have to die soon. I have come to know that soon there will be a twelve year-long drought here. '
Heron told Crab that this was told to him by a Trikaldarshi Mahatma, whose prediction is never wrong. Crab went and told everyone how the heron had adopted the path of sacrifice and devotion and was about to dry up.

Moral stories for kids

All the fish, turtles, crab, ducks and cranes, etc. of that pond came to the rune and said, Heron uncle, now you tell us some way of rescue. Fight your wisdom, you have become a great scientist.

Thinking something, Heron said that there is a reservoir a few miles away from which the mountain waterfall flows. It never dries. If all the organisms in the reservoir go there, then there can be a rescue. Now the problem was how to reach there? Heron also solved this problem 'I will take you one by one on your back and take you there because now the rest of my life will be spent in serving others'.

All the creatures shouted slogans of 'Bagula Bhagatji ki Jai'.

Now Heron became Bhagat's quarter-twelve. He would take a living creature on his back every day and take something away and go near a rock and slam him on it and kill him. Whenever there was a mood, Bhagatji also made two rounds and the number of animals in the pond started licking two creatures. Heaps of bones of dead creatures grew near the rock and Bhagatji's health began to grow. He became very fat after eating. There was redness on the face and the wings started shining with fat. On seeing them, other creatures would say, 'Look, the fruit and virtue of serving others are felt on Bhagatji's body.'

Stories for kids
Stories for kids

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Heron Bhagat laughed a lot. He used to think about how foolish creatures are living in the world, who believe in everyone and everything. In the world of such fools, if a little clever work is done, there is fun. A lot of feasts can be flown without shaking hands and moving feet. There is a chance to reduce foolish beings from the world. If you have a strategy of sitting, you get plenty of time to think.

This sequence went on for many days. One day Crab said to Heron, 'Mama, you have brought so many animals from here to there, but my turn has not come yet.'

Bhagatji said, 'Son, today you put your number, come sit on my back.'

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The crab was happy and sat on her back. When he reached near the rock, seeing the mountain of bones there, the forehead of the crab was taken down. He stammered 'How is this pile of bones? How far is that reservoir, uncle? '

Heron Bhagat laughed and laughed a lot and said, 'Fool, there is no reservoir. I sit here with one on the back and eat it. You will die today. '

Crab understood everything. He shivered but he did not give up and immediately pushed forward his pincers-like claws and pressed the wicked heron's neck with them and held it until his soul was flown away.

Then, after taking the chopped head of Crab Bagula Bhagat, crab returned to the pond and told the truth to all the creatures how the wicked Heron Bhagat kept cheating them.

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