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Horror stories

Horror stories
Horror stories

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Souls, vampires, and ghosts are completely free. They cannot be seen by anyone nor can be prevented from moving anywhere. They can make the human world his destination whenever they want, and if someone works to disrupt his path, they do not allow him to succeed in his purpose. Ruined buildings and cursed places are occupied by the spirits, but they are more likely to come to the cemetery, which is called the last stop of human life. They wander near the dead's body, admiring his body for hours, and whoever tries to disturb the sleeping bodies of peace makes their life worse than hell.

One such place is the London cemetery where vampires have camped.

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Locals have seen vampires camping every night at Highgate Cemetery in London. They walk around in search of blood at night and make every person their food who comes in his way.

Highgate Cemetery has several gates, this is the place where Karl Marx, the creator of Das Capital, was handed over.  In 1839, when London was suffering from high mortality, the burial work was started. A lot of people were dying every day in London who were not getting a burial place. People were forced to bury their loved ones around homes, but doing so had started spreading stench and other diseases. Highgate Cemetery was constructed to solve the same problem.

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Horror stories
Horror stories

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The bodies of the dead people are buried who have been camped at this place due to premature death. It is not that souls and demons are seen here on a particular day, but here is a creepy game played every night, which has become a witness to the local people many times, but after watching the game, there happens accident with them. , because of that, he could never mention what they had seen there.

In 1970, two school students claimed that they had seen the vampire on the edge of the graveyard. After the incident, a loving couple who were roaming there also admitted to seeing a vampire. They said that near the third gate of the cemetery, they had seen an extremely tall man who was drinking a man's blood. Their senses flew and they started running. The vampire gradually came to them, but somehow they managed ran away.

After the incident, many others have also seen the vampire roaming, so no body is buried at this place today, nor does anyone visit this place.

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