Stories for kids-(Instant instinct)

Stories for kids

Stories for kids
Stories for kids

On the banks of a river was a large reservoir connected to the same river. The water in the reservoir was deep, so aquatic micro plants grow in it, which is the favorite food of moss and fish. Fishes like this place very much. In that reservoir, many fishes came from the river. All the fishes used to come to the reservoir to lay eggs. That reservoir was not easily visible due to being surrounded by tall grass and shrubs.

There used to be a flock of three fishes at the same time. Their nature was different. Anna(fish 1) believed in taking measures to avoid crisis as soon as symptoms of crisis came. Pratu (fish 2) used to say that when there is a crisis, then only try to avoid it. Yaddi (fish 3) thought that nothing can be done to prevent or escape the crisis from being done unnecessarily, which is written in luck, it will happen.

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One day in the evening fishermen were catching fish in the river and going home. Very few fish were trapped in their nets. So their faces were grim. Only then did they saw the flock of fishing birds above the bushes. There were fish buried in everyone's beak. They startled.

One guessed "Friends! It seems that behind the bushes there are reservoirs connected to the river, where so many fish are growing. ”

The fishermen flushed through the bushes and came to the shore of the reservoir and frantically looked at the fishes.

A fisherman said, "Aha! There are fish in this reservoir. To date, we did not know about it. " "Here we will find a lot of fish." The other said.

Short stories of kids

The third said, "Today is the evening. Will come here tomorrow morning and set a trap here. "

In this way, the fishermen went on the schedule of the second day. The three fish had listened to the fisherman.

Stories for kids
Stories for kids

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Anna Fish said "Friends! You listened to the fisherman. Now our stay here is not free from danger. We have received the threat notice. You should take measures to save your lives in time. I am immediately leaving this reservoir and going into the river through the canal. After that the fishermen come in the morning, let them throw the net, with their full force. Till then, I have been making speculations far and wide.

Pratu fish said, " You can go,  I am not coming. Where is the danger now! who needs to be so nervous, there may not be a crisis. The program of those fishermen to come here may be canceled, maybe their nets may get stolen at night. Maybe, There a fire catches in their colony. Earthquakes can destroy their village or torrential rain may come in the night and their village may flow in the flood. Therefore their arrival is not sure. When they will come, I will think about it then. Maybe I won't even fall into their trap. "

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Yaddi fish said his fatalistic "nothing to escape." If the fishermen want to come, they will come. If we are to get trapped, then we will be trapped. If it is written to die in luck, what can be done? "

Thus Anna left the same time. Pratu and Yaddi remained in the reservoir. At dawn, the fishermen brought their nets and threw nets in the reservoir and caught the fishes. Pratu looked at the crisis and thought of ways to save her life. His mind started working fast. There was no hollow place to hide nearby. Then he remembered that a dead otter's corpse has been floating in that reservoir for a long time. That can be used to protect him.

Stories for kids
Stories for kids

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Soon he found the corpse. The corpse was getting rotten. Pratu entered the corpse of the otter and came out with the smell of the dead corpse. Pratu got stuck in the fisherman's net shortly. The fisherman drew his net and overtook the fish on the shore. The rest of the fish began to suffer, but Pratu acted like a dead fish. When fishermen felt the smell of turmoil, he started watching the fish. He picked up the fish and sniffed "Aka! These are dead fish for many days. Is rotten. " By making such a bad mouth, that fisherman threw the Pratu in the reservoir.

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Pratu was successful in escaping the crisis using her intelligence. He plunged as soon as he fell into the water and reached a safe depth and celebrated his life well.

Yiddish was also trapped in another fisherman's net and dumped in a crate. The Yiddish, who is relying on luck, sacrificed his life in the same basket as other fish.

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