Stories for kids-(Key to success)

Stories for kids

Stories for kids
Stories for kids

A company owner noticed that all the employees of his company looked very disappointed and sad. The confidence and energy inside them was over. The owner of the company thought of a new way to give them new power and confidence.

As soon as all the employees started going inside the company, suddenly they saw a notice outside the company that -

"The person who was stopping you from moving forward till yesterday has died today and you can go in and meet that person for the last time"

Short stories for kids

All the people were very happy to know that the person who was stopping our development is dead, but was also sad that there was no longer an employee with him.

Now the same question was coming into everyone's mind that who is the person who was stopping us from moving forward and today he has died. People started going in one by one in the same turmoil.

Stories for kids
Stories for kids

Moral stories for kids

Now as soon as he went in one by one, he was stunned after seeing the inside view, not a single word could come out of his mouth. There was nothing inside, there was only a mirror under which a small note was written that - only you are the person who has made the scope of his capacity smaller, you yourself your happiness, sorrow, success, failure Are responsible for.

Changing the company, changing your boss or changing friends will never change your life. If you want to change your life, you have to change yourself, you have to recognize your potential, you will have to get out of the small realm that you have created in your mind. Then see one day the whole world will salute you.

Bedtime Stories 

When an egg bursts from outside, a life ends, but when that egg bursts from inside, a new life is born. Awaken the powers inside you, you are of great potential.

If you fail, then also be responsible for it. Stop cursing yourself and blaming others and work hard like a newborn.

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