Stories for kids-(Life is of two moments)

Stories for kids

Stories for kids
Stories for kids

Poultry squirrel lived in Nandan forest. The poultry squirrel was very honest and very hardworking. She used to work with Sher Singh of Raja of the jungle, Sher Singh promised to give her 10 sacks of walnuts. That's why squirrels used to do their work with dedication and hard work. She used to work a lot too many times to please Sher Singh, she was happy that her boss would give her 10 sack walnuts which she would enjoy and would live comfortably all her life.

The squirrel would come to work on time every day and would come back after doing all the work, many times she used to get tired of working, then she would think that she should take some rest but then suddenly she would get used to working again.

Short stories for kids

Sometimes while working, she would see her friends playing, having fun, and even she would feel that she too could play with friends and have fun but as soon as she remember the nut, she would start working again in greed.

Sher Singh sometimes sent him out of town to work. He was extremely happy with the work of squirrel, not that Sher Singh was not honest. Sher Singh was also honest and was stick to his words.

Stories for kids
Stories for kids

kids short stories

The cycle of time moved at its own pace. There was a time when Sher Singh, as promised, liberated the squirrel happily by giving him 10 sacks of walnuts.

Moral stories for kids 

The squirrel happily walked with the nut. Suddenly she got some idea and tears came out of her eyes, she started thinking - My whole life has passed while working and now my sharp teeth have also worn out, now what nut is this? Squirrel's tears were not stopping.

Friends, we also have a similar situation in today's society. Man abandons all his desires, reduces his needs and adds money day and night. He thinks that he will rest and ash with this money in the coming time. And in this round, how many problems does a person suffer? Don't know how many dreams are left unfinished? But in the end time, a person's eyes open when he is no longer fit.

Stories for kids
Stories for kids

English stories for kids

Friends, what is the benefit of earning such money, which will spoil your whole life in collecting and that money will not be of any use to you. One thing to remember in life - "There is nothing precious from time, there is no rich born in this world who can buy the past."

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