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Stories for kids

Stories for kids
Stories for kids

10-year-old Okayo, who lives in a small Japanese town, was very fond of learning judo. But because of the left hand being cut off in a childhood accident, his parents did not command him to learn judo. But now he was growing up and his stubbornness was also growing.

Eventually, the parents had to bow down and take Okayo to a famous martial arts guru in the nearby city.

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When the guru saw Okyo, he was surprised, "Why does this boy without left hand want to learn good judo?"

He asked, "If you don't have a left hand, how will you fight you and the boys? "

"It's your job to tell," Okayo said. I just know that I have to beat everyone and one day become a master myself. "

Guru was impressed by his strong desire to learn and said, "Well I will teach you but there is a condition. You will follow each of my instructions and have firm faith in it. "

Okayo bowed his head to the guru in the agreed.

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Guru started learning judo to about fifty students simultaneously. o
Okayo was also learning like other boys. But a few days later, he noticed that Guru Ji was learning different bets to other boys, but he is still practicing the same kick he had learned at the outset. He did go and asked the guru, " Guruji, you are learning new things to other boys, but I am still practicing just that one kick. Should I not learn more things?"

Guru Ji said, "You just need to master this one kick" and he went ahead.

Okayo was amazed but had full faith in his master and then engaged in the practice.

The time went on and two years passed, but Okayo was practicing the same kick. Once again, Okayo began to worry and said to the guru, "Will I still do it or should continue to master all the other new techniques."

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Guru Ji said, "If you believe me, continue practicing "

Okayo continued practicing the same one kick for the next six years without asking any questions while obeying the guru's command.

It had been eight years since guru Ji called all the disciples and said, "I have given the knowledge that I had to give you, and now according to the tradition of Gurukul, the best disciple will be elected through competition and which is in it. The victorious disciple will be awarded the title of "Sensei".

The competition began.

Guru Ji gave Okayo his first match.

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Okayo started fighting and surprised himself to win his first two matches with great ease. The third match was a little tough, but after a few clashes, the opponent removed his focus on him for a few moments, as if Okio was waiting for the same opportunity. He deposited his surefire kick over the opponent and took the match. Still surprised by his success, Okyo made his place in the final.

This time the adversary was far more powerful, experienced, and expansive. It seemed that Okayo would not be able to fight him for a minute.

Stories for kids
Stories for kids

Short stories for kids

The match began, the opponent was overshadowed to Okayo , the referee stopped the match and proposed to declare the opponent the winner, but only then did Guru Ji stop him saying, " No, the match must ho on ".

The match resumed.

The opponent was full of overconfidence and was now underestimating Okayo. And in this snobbish, he made a huge mistake, he left his guard!! Okayo took advantage of the kick he had practiced for eight years, with full strength and accuracy, rooting over the opponent and dashing it to the ground. That kick had so much power that the opponent was dead and Okayo was declared the winner.

After winning the match, Okayo asked the guru, "Sensei, how did I win this competition by learning just one move?"

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"You won for two reasons," Guru Ji replied. "First, you mastered one of the most difficult kicks of judo so much that hardly anyone else in this world could hit this kick so efficiently, and secondly that there is only one way to avoid this kick, grabbing the left hand of the opposition and dropping it to the ground. "

Okayo had understood that his biggest weakness today had become his greatest strength.

Being a human being means being imperfect. Imperfection is not bad in itself, it is bad how to deal with us. If Okayo wanted to cry for his left hand, he could have lived like a bedridden, but he never let himself feel inferior. He had a strong desire to realize his dream and be sure that God sends a guru to help him. A guru who makes his greatest weakness his greatest strength can make his dreams come true.

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