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Horror stories

Horror stories
Horror stories

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Since ancient times till now, Indian society believes a lot in systems like tantra, black powers, and witchcraft. Despite the fact that logic science has made its reach in society, there are many such questions which neither science has nor the reason for such incidents can be understood through any argument. In a country where there has always been the importance of tantra cultivation, there are some such incidents which are why they happened, how they happened, what is the reason behind them, all these questions haunt in the brain but no one knows the answer to them. Today we will tell you about one such temple, where many such secrets related to Tantra-Sadhana are hidden, to which no one has found the answer to date.

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Horror stories
Horror stories

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The country's first Zero Temple, also known as Guru Mandir, is one such place where Tantra Sadhana has been done for many years. You will not believe it, but the truth is that till the construction of this temple, Tantra was done only for the purpose of spiritual practice. Every door of this three-storied temple, even its shape, is octagonal. Archaeological scientists, historians, and even proven people in witchcraft are trying to find out what tantric actions were performed in this temple. Regional experts say that on every floor of this temple there are temples of different deities. On the first floor, there is a statue of Guru senior, Radha on the second floor, and no deity on the third floor, hence it is considered a symbol of zero. The specialty of this temple is that out of the eight gates present in it, only one was from the Guru and the remaining seven were named after the Saptapuris (Ayodhya, Mathura, Maya, Kashi, Kanchi, Avantika, and Puri). When the then Maharaja of Bengal Jayanarayana Ghoshal constructed this temple in 1814, then it was spread over eighty-four bighas of land, but now its structure is broken. Such temples built for the purpose of yoga and tantra practice are at only two places in India. The first temple is located in Hateshwari in Bengal and the second one is in Bhagalpur in South India. Yoga practitioners and tantrikas believe that the most important of the temples situated on the three floors of this temple is the zero temple because attaining zero is the greatest austerity. The universe is zero, Earth is zero. He says that the practice of zero is wonderful, its relationship is directly centered on God, that is why the one who attains zero is the greatest seeker. Those who practice tantra say that any practice is considered complete only when you have a mentor or guide. Having a guru on the first floor and a zero on the third floor means that this cultivation through the Guru ends by going to zero and attaining the zero is the climax of the practice. This is the stage when everything starts to become infinite. Seven octagonal eatables are made on every floor of the temple where people used to do tantric activities and yoga practices in ancient times. Inside this temple, the words of Guru have also been written in the Bengali language and some such figures also remain, the secrets behind which remain a subject of research to date. The reality hidden behind them is not understood.

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