Stories for kids-(Proper behavior is the best weapon)

Stories for kids

Stories for kids
Stories for kids

One day a king dreamed that a benevolent monk is telling him "Son! Tomorrow night you will be bitten a venomous snake and you will die by its bite." That snake lives at the root of such a tree, he will bite you in order to avenge the hostility of the past life.

In the morning, the king woke up to sleep and started thinking about the dream. Gods often have true dreams. The king was righteous, so he believed in the truth of his dream. He started thinking about what measures should be taken for self-defense.

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Thinking - the king came to the decision that more than sweet behavior, there is no other weapon to conquer the enemy. He decided to change his mind by treating the snake sweetly.

Stories for kids
Stories for kids

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At dusk, the king made a bed of flowers from the root of that tree to his bed, sprinkled fragrant water, placed sweet milk bowls in place, and told the servants that when the snake came out at night, no one tries to cause trouble or tease.

At exactly twelve o'clock in the night, the snake came out of his belly, whispering, and went towards the king's palace. As he progressed, seeing the welcome arrangements made for himself, he was happy to see. Lying on a soft bed, he proceeded to drink sweet milk from place to place, garnishing a pleasant aroma. Instead of anger, feelings of satisfaction, and happiness started to grow in it.

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As he moved forward, his anger diminished as well. When he entered the palace, he saw that the guards and gatekeepers are standing armed, but do not try to harm him at all. Seeing this extraordinary courtesy, the snake's heart rose in affection. The magic of good behavior, gentleness, sweetness had enchanted him. Where he went to cut the king, but now his task became impossible for him. How could I bite the godly king who has such sweet behavior with the enemy who comes to harm? This question could not be solved by him. The snake's determination completely changed until the king went to bed.

Stories for kids
Stories for kids

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The king was waiting for the arrival of the snake. He arrived somewhat late from the appointed time. The serpent said to the king - "O Rajan! I came to cut you down to avenge my former birth, but your courtesy and good conduct defeated me. Now I am not your enemy. As a gift of friendship, I am giving you my precious gem. Take it with you. After saying this and placing the gem in front of the king, the snake went back to his home.

Gentleness and good behavior are such powerful weapons, from which even evil-tempered evil men can be defeated.

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Good deeps, good aspiration, you learn good things every time you read such stories. For more such stories for kids, keep visiting our site.

For now, stay safe and sound.

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