Stories for kids-(Punishment in Palace)

Stories for kids

Stories for kids
Stories for kids

A king had many servants whose job was only to maintain and clean the palace. So once one of the king's servant was cleaning his bedroom, while cleaning, when he touched the bed of the king, he felt very soft, he had a little desire to lie down on that bed and see how it feels. Is, he made sure to look at the variable part of the room and that no one was watching.

Short stories for kids

When he was convinced that no one was watching him, he lay in bed for a while.

The servant was tired of working, now see the irony that as soon as the poor person lay on the bed, his eye caught, and he slept on the same bed for a while, it must have been barely five minutes before he slept, when the sentinel passing through the front of the room looked at the sleeping servant.

Watching the servant sleeping on the king's bed, the sentinels got up, he immediately made a sound to the other guards. The sleeping servant was kicked and awakened and was handcuffed.
After capturing the servant, he was dragged to the king's court.

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The king was told the whole situation… Hearing that servant's daring, the king's body was tanned, this gross crime !! A servant did not even care that he slept on the king's bed!
The king immediately ordered, 'The servant must get the punishment of his action, immediately this servant should be put in a 50 whip meeting'.

Stories for kids
Stories for kids

English stories for kids

The servant was put in the middle assembly, and the whipping began.

But after every whip, the servant used to laugh. When 10-12 were flogged, the servant was still laughing and was surprised to see the king.
The king said, "Stop !!"

On hearing this, the whispers stopped and stood silently.

Moral stories for kids

The king asked the servant, 'Tell me that you must be in pain when you flogged, but why are you still laughing?'

The servant said, 'Huzoor, I am not laughing like this, I am feeling a lot of pain, but I am laughing thinking that I have slept on your bed for a while, then I had to eat 50 whips, so If you sleep on this bed every day, then how many whips will be put in the court above them.

So much was to be heard that the king remained unanswered, he realized his mistake and immediately ordered the servant to be freed.

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