Stories for kids-(Quit the ego and start learning)

Stories for kids

stories for kids
Stories for kids

The process of learning starts with being born on the earth as we grow older, the learning process also starts expanding, soon we learn to get up, sit, speak, walk. With this process of growing up, sometimes our ego becomes bigger than us and then we stop learning and start making mistakes. Talking about how this ejaculation blocks our development path, I am reminded of a sentence that would be good to discuss here.

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Once upon a time, a great thinker named Ouspensky of Russia once visited Saint Gurdjieff's house. Both started discussing various topics. Ouspensky said to Saint Gurdjieff, "I have gained a lot of knowledge through deep study and experience, but I want to know more." Can you help me?

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Gurdjieff knew that Ouspensky is a scholar of his subject, who has little pride in it, so speaking directly will not work. So after thinking for a while, he picked up a blank paper and said, while raising it towards Ouspensky, "It's a good thing that you want to learn something." But how can I understand what you have learned and what you have not learned so far. Therefore, you do that whatever you know and what you don't, write about both of them on this paper. It is useless to discuss what you already know and what you do not know, it would be better to discuss it only.

stories for kids
Stories for kids

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The point was simple but somewhat difficult for Ouspensky. His pride in being knowledgeable got clouded. Ouspensky knew a lot about a subject like a soul and God, but he did not even think about element-form and distinction. After listening to Gurdjieff, he got into thinking. Even after thinking for a long time, when he did not understand anything, he handed the blank paper to Gurdjieff and said - Sir, I do not know anything. 

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Today you opened my eyes. These words were said by Ouspensky politely, and Gurdjieff was very impressed and said, "Well, now you know the first thing to know that you don't know anything." This is the first ladder of knowledge. Now you can be taught and told something. That is, an empty vessel can be filled, but it is not possible to fill a drop of knowledge in a pot filled with ego. If we keep ourselves ready to receive knowledge, then we will be able to become worthy of learning. To become knowledgeable, it is necessary that a person should resolve to get knowledge and he should not only bind himself to a guru, but accept it wherever he comes to know a good thing.

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