Stories for kids-(Saving the generation)

Stories for kids

Stories for kids
Stories for kids

There used to be an old snake named Mandavish in a mountain region. One day he started thinking about what could be the solution so that his life could continue without working hard. Then a thought came to his mind.

He went to a nearby pond full of frogs. Upon reaching there, he began to roam around with great discomfort. Seeing him walking like this, the paddock sitting on a stone by the side of the pond was surprised, he asked, "Mama!" What's the matter today? It is evening, but you are not arranging food and water? "

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The snake said with a sad heart, "Son! What should I do, I no longer have the desire for food. Today, in the morning, I went out in search of food. I saw a paddock on the banks of a lake. I was thinking of catching him that he saw me. Nearby some Brahmins were engrossed in self-study, he went and hid somewhere between them. "I did not see him again. But in his confusion, I cut off the thumb of a Brahmin's son.

Stories for kids
Stories for kids

Moral stories for kids

He died instantly from it. His father felt very sad about it and that miserable father cursed me and said, "Wicked! You have bitten my son without any crime, because of this crime you will have to become a vehicle for frogs. ”"I have come here to you only for the purpose of becoming your vehicle."

The frog went to his family after hearing this from the snake and he also told them about the snake. In this way, this thing passed from one to the other, and from the second to the third ear reached all the frogs. Their king Jalapada also received news of this. He was surprised to hear this. First of all, he went to the snake and climbed on it for fun. Seeing him ascended, all the other frogs climbed on his back. The snake did not say anything to anyone.

Stories for kids
Stories for kids

Bedtime stories for kids

Mandavish showed them various tricks. Jalapad was very pleased with the touch of the snake's soft skin. Thus one day passed. The next day when he sat with them, he did not leave. Seeing him, Jalapada asked, "What's the matter, you are not able to walk today?" "Yes, I am hungry today so it is difficult to walk."Jalapad said, "What is the matter. You eat small frogs of ordinary quality. "

Thus the snake got its food daily without any labor. But that Jalapad could not even understand that for his momentary pleasure he was becoming a partaker of his dynasty. After eating all the frogs, the snake also ate Jalpada one day. In this way, the entire lineage of the frogs was destroyed. That is why it is said that by protecting our benefactors, we are also protected.

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