Stories for kids-(Sherlock Holmes stories)

Stories for kids

Stories for kids
Stories for kids
The great detective Sherlock Holmes and his friend Doctor Watson once went camping in the woods and had a picnic.
Doctor Watson asked - Holmes! You solve the toughest cases .. How do you do this.

Sherlock Holmes - Look, if you want to get to the bottom of anything, then arguably Do not see anything as it is .. Think if it is like this then why did it happen.
Doctor Watson - I Wanna be Great Detectives Like You
Sherlock Holmes - Ok, start arguing in everything from today

Kids short stories

Talks continued till late in the night and after eating food, both went inside their tent and went to sleep.

Holmes suddenly wakes up the doctor at night.
Stories for kids
Stories for kids

Children stories

Sherlock Holmes - Watson! Look up… what do you see?
Doctor Watson - I see innumerable stars...
Sherlock Holmes - So What Does It Mean?
Doctor Watson understood that he has to speak with logic and that what he is like is the cue and what is not like that is not cue etc. etc. .. He sat down with his glasses on and started talking clearly.

According to Doctor Watson - Astronomy, it means that there are millions of constellations in the universe and millions of planets.
According to astrology, I think Saturn is in Leo ascendant.
From time science, I can tell that it is a quarter to three.
According to spirituality, I say that God is so powerful, who makes so many stars and planets, and how many we do.
Speaking of meteorology, the sky is clear and tomorrow morning will be a strong sun

Stories for kids
Stories for kids

Short stories for kids

Watson looked at Homes and said - How do you think Holmes?

Sherlock Holmes took a deep breath and shouted for a minute - Shit ass !! This means that someone has stolen our tent… and we are under the open sky…

Last Words:
Know the logical aspect of everything happening in your day to day life. These stories for kids are with the same morals. 

Share your ideas in the comment section and keep reading more such stories for kids.

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