Stories for kids-(Single bread)

Stories for kids

Stories for kids
Stories for kids

Three persons were returning after receiving some initiations from a Siddha Guru. Guruji had also taught them to be practical along with spiritual knowledge.

All three were moving forward discussing the Puranas. After walking for a long time, they realized that now they should rest somewhere and go ahead the next morning. They stayed in one place and opened the bundle of food they had… but unfortunately, there was only one bread left in it. The three thought that sharing it will not satisfy anyone's hunger… it would be better if only one eats it.

Short stories for kids

But how to decide who among them will have it?

Since they were returning from spiritual experiences, the three decided that they would leave the decision to God… God would make such a gesture that they would understand that who wants it the most.

And thinking like this, all three of them lay down, due to being tired, soon everyone asleep.

When he woke up the next morning, the first man said, "Last night an angel came in my dream, he took me on a walk to heaven ... I had never seen such scenes before ... infinite peace, infinite beauty everywhere, and when I was in the last phase of the tour, a Mahatma wearing white clothes told me…Son takes this bread… consider it as prasad and feed your hunger ”The first person had finished saying that the second person said,

Stories for kids
Stories for kids

Moral Stories for kids

What a strange thing, I also dreamed exactly the same, and in the end, a Mahatma gave me clear instructions that I have done well to people throughout my life, so my right to bread is right.
The third person was sitting silently listening to both of them.

"What did you dream?", The first man asked

There was nothing in my dream, I did not go anywhere, nor did I see any Mahatma. But once in the night when my sleep was broken, I got up and ate bread.

“Hey… what have you done…. Before doing this, why didn't you tell us? ”The other two asked angrily.

Kids short stories

"How would you say, both of you who have gone so far in your dreams.", Said the third person.

And yesterday, Guruji told us that along with spiritual knowledge, the importance of practical knowledge should be understood. In my case, God soon indicated to me that it is better to eat bread than to die of hunger… and I did the same.

Last Words:
Know the logical aspect of everything happening in your day to day life. This story was with the same morals. 

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