Stories for kids-(Smartness beats strength)

Stories for kids

Stories for kids
Stories for kids

 In a cave, there lived a very powerful lion. He used to kill many animals in the jungle every day. All the animals of that forest shivered in fear of him. Once the animals gathered. They decided to go to the lion and request him. Some elected representatives of the animals went to the lion. The animals saluted him.

Then a representative folded his hands and pleaded, 'You are the king of this forest. You kill many animals every day for your food, while your stomach is filled with only one animal. '

The lion roared and asked - "So what can I do?"

All the animals pleaded, 'Maharaj, do not bother for food. We will send an animal to your service every day for your food. Your food will reach you every day on time. '

Stories for kids
Stories for kids

Kids short stories

The lion thought for a while and said - "If you want to do the same, then it is fine." But keep in mind that there should not be any relaxation in this rule. '

Every day, an animal was sent to the lion service. One day a rabbit came to go to the lion. The rabbit was intelligent.

He thought to himself - "Now life is no more." Then why should I take measures to please the lion? Thinking like this, he started resting on a well. That's why it was too late for him to reach the lion. '

When the rabbit reached the lion, he was upset due to hunger. On seeing the rabbit, the lion thundered loudly and said, 'You are such a small rabbit and have come so late. Tell me, how late is it? '

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The rabbit said trembling with artificial fear - "Maharaj, I have no-fault. We two rabbits came to serve you. But on the way, a lion stopped us. He caught me. '

I told him- 'If you kill me, our king will be angry with you and will take your life. He asked - 'Who is your king?' so I told your name.
Stories for kids
Stories for kids

Children stories

Hearing this, the lion was filled with anger. He said, "You lie." To this the rabbit said, "No, I tell you the truth, take my companion hostage." I bring my king to you. '
Hearing of the rabbit, the wrath of the dreaded lion increased. He roared and said, 'Come on, show me where that evil one lives?'

The rabbit reached the well with a lion. The rabbit looked around and said, Maharaj, it seems that the lion entered your fort upon seeing you. '

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The lion asked, "Where is his fort?" The rabbit showed the well and said, "Maharaj, this is the fort of that lion."

The rabbit himself stood on the well. The lion also climbed Mundra. The shadow of both started to appear in the water of the well. The rabbit said to the lion, "Look, Maharaj. Here is my fellow rabbit. Your enemy stands near him. '

The lion looked at them both. He roared fiercely. His echoes came out of the well. What was there! On seeing the lion, the lion jumped into the well to catch his enemy and drowned there.

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