Stories for kids-(Swan and owl Story)

Stories for kids

Stories for kids
Stories for kids
 A fort was built on the top of a hill in a forest. There was a huge deodar tree on the outside with a corner of the fort. A unit of the army of that state was stationed in the fort. An owl lived on the deodar tree. In search of food, he would come down to the mowed pastures spread in the valley. Many small creatures and moths were found in the tall grasses and shrubs of pastures, which the owl would make food. Nearby was a large lake, in which Swans were inhabited. The owl sat on the tree and stared at the lake. He would be enchanted to swim and fly with swans. He thought how magnificent birds are swans. Absolutely milk-white, dumpling body, jugular neck, beautiful face and stunning eyes. He had a great desire to befriend a swan.
One day the owl landed on a bush on the banks of the lake on the pretext of drinking water. A very gentle and gentle goose was swimming in the water nearby. The swan came near the floating bush.

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The owl found an excuse to talk, "Swan ji, if I have your permission, may I drink water. I am very thirsty. "

Swan looked at her with surprise and said, "Friend! Water is a boon given to everyone by nature. No one has to seek permission to drink."

The owl drank water. He then nodded as if he was disappointed. Swan asked "Friend! You look dissatisfied. Didn't the thirst quench? "

The owl said "Hey Swan! The thirst for water was extinguished, but with your words, I felt that you are the ocean of policy and knowledge. Its thirst has awakened in me. How will it be extinguished? "

Hans smiled "Friend, you can come here anytime." We will talk. Thus what I know will be yours and I will learn something from you as well."

Stories for kids
Stories for kids

Short Stories for kids

After this, Swans and owls started meeting daily. One day Swan tells the owl that he is in fact Hansraj, the king of Swans. After giving his real introduction. Swan invited his friend to  his home. Royal dishes were served. Lotus and Nargis flower dishes were served for dinner and the owl did not know what were the rare food. Later pearls were introduced in place of fennel-cardamom. The owl was stunned.

Now Hansraj brought the owl to the palace and started feeding. Feast daily, he started feeling afraid that someday Hansraj would not break friendship as an ordinary owl.

Therefore, in order to keep himself equal with Hansraj, he told the lie that he is also the king of owls. The owl felt that it was also his duty to call Hansraj to his house.

One day the owl looked closely at the activities taking place inside the fort and a tip came to his mind. He understood the things of the fort very carefully. Soldier schedules noted. Then he went to Hans. When he reached the lake, Hansraj was swimming in the water with some laughs. On seeing the owl, Hans said "Friend, you this time?"

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The owl replied "Yes friend! I have come to take you today to show my house and make you my guest. I have been your guest many times. Give me a chance to serve as well. "

Swan tried to avoid "Friend, what's the hurry?" Will walk again sometime. "

The owl said, "Today I will not go without you."

Hansraj had to go with the owl.

Pointing to the fort built on the top of the hill, the owl said in flight, "Here's my fort." Hans was very impressed. When both of them landed on the tree that housed the owl, the parade of the soldiers of the fort was about to begin. Two soldiers started playing bugle on the turret. Owl had missed the program of the ridge of the soldiers of the fort, so he had brought Hansraj at the right time. After that my army will honor you by giving parades and salutes. "

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The parade took place as usual and the flag was saluted. Hans understood that all of this is happening for him. So Hans gagged and said, "Blessed are you my friend." You are ruling like a mighty king. "

Stories for kids
Stories for kids

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The owl struck Hansraj, "I have ordered my soldiers that as long as my supreme friend Raja Hansraj is my guest, till that time the parable of soldiers and soldiers came out."

The owl knew that it was a daily job for the soldiers. There are daily rules. Owls fed fruits, walnuts and vines of flowers to Swan. He had already stored them. Food is no longer important. The magic of the parade of soldiers had done its job. Hansraj had great respect for an owl friend in his heart.

On the other hand, the troops had received orders to march from there. The next day the soldiers started packing their bags and Hansraj said, "Friend, look, your soldiers are going somewhere without taking your permission."

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The owl murmured, "Someone must have given them the wrong order." I just stop them. " Saying this, he started doing 'hoon hoon'.

The soldiers heard the owl's roar and postponed it as a bad omen. The same thing happened again the next day. When the soldiers started going, the owl turned around. The heroes of the soldiers became enraged and ordered the soldiers to shoot the wretched owl. A soldier fired an arrow. Arrow caught Hans sitting next to the owl. He fell down after getting hit by an arrow and died. The owl began to mourn near his corpse. Damn me. "

Seeing the owl weeping indiscriminately from the surrounding news, a wolf pounced on him and did all his work.

Lesson: False pride is very expensive. Never get caught in the false pride.

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