Stories for kids-(Story of teacher and student)

Stories for kids

Stories for kids
Stories for kids
 Once a disciple humbly asked his guru Ji: 'Guru Ji, some people say that life is a struggle, some others say that life is a game and some call life a celebration. Who is right among them?"

Guru Ji immediately answered very patiently-

Life is a struggle for the Sons, who did not find the master; The life of those who got the guru is a game and only those who start walking on the path mentioned by the guru are able to master the courage to name life as a festival.

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Even after hearing this answer, the disciple was not completely satisfied. However, Guru Ji got the impression of the question. He said, '' I'll tell you a story in this context. If you listen carefully, you will be able to answer your question yourself. '

The story he told was as follows:

Once upon a time, three disciples in a Gurukul begged their guru ji to explain what he needed in Gurudakshina(offering to master). Guru Ji first smiled dimly and then said very affectionately: 'I want dry leaves of a bag in Gurudakshina, can you bring it?' All three of them were very happy because they thought they would be able to do their guru ji's will very easily. Dry leaves remain scattered everywhere in the forest. He enthusiastically spoke in one voice- 'Ji Guru Ji, like your commandment.'

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Now the three disciples had reached a contiguous forest on the go. But seeing that there were only a handful of dry leaves, they were surprised. They wondered who would have taken dry leaves from the jungle? In this way, there appeared a farmer coming from afar. They reached out to him and began to ask him humbly to give them only a bag of dry leaves.

Stories for kids
Stories for kids

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Now the farmer apologized to them and told them that he could not help them because he had already used dry leaves as fuel. Now, all three of them began to grow towards a nearby village with the hope that they could help them in that village.

When they saw a merchant, they prayed for a bag of dry leaves, but they were once again disappointed because the trader had already sold a double of dry leaves to earn some money, but The businessman generously described him as the address of an old mother who used to collect dry leaves.

Stories for kids
Stories for kids

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But Destiny did not join them here because the old mother used to separate those leaves and create a variety of oats. Now disappointed, all three of them returned to Gurukul empty-handed. Guru Ji asked them affectionately: ''children, brought Gurudakshina?'' The trio bowed their heads. When asked again by Guru Ji, one of the disciples said, "Gurudev, we could not fulfill your will. We thought that dry leaves would remain scattered everywhere in the forest, but it is surprising how people use them too.

Guru Ji then smiled as before, and he said, "Why are you discouraged? Be happy and the knowledge that dry leaves are not wasted, but they also have many uses; Give me as Gurudakana ."The three disciples bowed down to Guru Ji and gladly moved to their homes.

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The disciple who was listening to Guru Ji's story was concentrated, suddenly spoke with great enthusiasm: "Guru Ji, now I have become well aware of what you want to say. You indicate, virtually this, not when the universally accessible dry leaves are not meaningless or useless, how can we disdain any object or person as small and important? From ant to the elephant and from needle to sword, everyone has their own importance.

Guru Ji also immediately said, \"Yes, son, I also mean that whenever we meet someone, try our best to give him the right value so that affection, goodwill, empathy, and tolerance are expanded among ourselves and our lives can become a celebration rather than a struggle.

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Secondly, if life is considered to be a sport, it would be better to participate in the n healthy and calm competition and strive tirelessly to take our performance and construction to the pinnacle of height. Now the disciple was completely satisfied.

Ultimately, all I want to say is that even if we evaluate this story at all three levels of mind, word, and deeds, this story will stand up. A person with a mind free from prejudice to all never dares to hurt anyone with his words, and his energy takes all the obstacles to his way of effort. In fact, the greatest celebration of our lives is effort — it is the opinion of scholars.

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