Horror stories-(Terrifying tunnel)

Horror stories

Horror stories
Horror stories

Horror stories in English

Death continues to wander in the form of spirits and souls in the public. Those who have had an accident, been murdered, or have committed suicide, all these souls leave their bodies before The Lord's choice, but they get rid of death only after completing their time. So far, you read about a lot of horrible buildings, hotels, hospitals in this series article, but this time you will be told about a tunnel where the spirit is so terrifying that the man trembles with just burning a matchstick.

The tunnel is located near nigra falls in Ontario, Canada. It was constructed in 1900 just below the Grand Trek Railway Lines to divert the flow of water to the nearby fields in the area, which is about 16 feet high and 125 feet long. After the construction of the tunnel, everything was going well, but after some time there was an accident that shook the people nearby. There was no specific population around it and the tunnel was not always filled with water. This tunnel was used when the water was increased. At that time, there were a number of incidents, one of which has not been able to recover even today.

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It was a matter of time when there was no water in this tunnel. At that time there was a wooden house on its south side. There lived a father and his daughter in that house. That night, had a very strong wind and there was a terrible dark night all around. In the meantime, there was a sudden fire in that house. At that time, the girl in the house was alone in her room. The wind was also on the same side, and the fire completely lapped up the house. When the girl found the fire, she woke up to flee from the last part of the house, and the fire had taken a rowdier form and a part of the house fell on her.

The girl somehow ran away, but her clothes had a fire. The girl ran towards the tunnel to protect herself so that she could jump into the water. But as long as she reached there, she was badly burnt and when he jumped into the tunnel, he fell straight to the ground because there was no water in the tunnel at that time. The screams of the girl who was badly draped by the fire were echoed in the area. Her screams were so horrible that many nearby people came there and watched the girl fighting the fire from above, but no one tried to save her, and eventually, the young girl died by the fire.

Ghost stories

In addition, another incident occurred in the tunnel, with a young woman. People around the tunnel believe that once in the night, there had a gang rape with a girl. Not only that, after the rape, they put oil on the poor girl to hide their mistakes and burned it. People say that the girl was found in very horrible condition at that time. However, the nearby people had seen the old accident, and they felt that the spirit of the same girl might have been wandering. In the morning, when people went to the tunnel, they saw that a girl's half-burnt body was lying on the ground and the girl's burning marks were also present on the tunnel walls. Since then, people are afraid to pass around that tunnel at night. People say that even today when someone passes through the night, there are smells like the burning of the body from inside.

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Horror stories
Horror stories

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It is believed that if anyone lights up in the tunnel, both of them are disturbed. Once a man went into the tunnel to clean the tunnel. At that time, he was tired of cleaning the tunnel. At the same time, he took a cigarette from the pass and fired a match to burn it. As soon as he lights the match, it extinguishes, he tried again, and the wind started running from the other side of the tunnel. Then he woke up from there and went inside the tunnel to escape the air and went to a corner and started burning a match.

As soon as he lit the match for the third time, a terrible scream was echoed in the tunnel, and the sweepers saw the shadows of a girl just above her head, who was glued to the tunnel wall like a lizard, burned her whole face and screamed again and again. The screams were so horrible that the people nearby also heard him.

Ghost stories in English

The people working over the tunnel ran and leaned inside the tunnel and saw that the man was lying unconscious on the ground inside the tunnel and had a match in his hand. Somehow he was brought out and admitted to the hospital for treatment. The man survived and told everything to the people, but after a few days, his mental balance deteriorated. Even today, people feel those souls around them. Even at this time, if you go to the middle of the tunnel and burn a matchstick, you can easily hear a terrible scream. But it requires a lot of courage, it can also cost your life while doing so.

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I assume these horror stories gave you goosebumps while reading. Well, don't get anxious and not to feel uncertain at all. This is just for a little thrill in life. I hope you would like to read more of the same.

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