Horror stories-(Who was that woman)

Horror stories

Horror stories
Horror stories

Real horror stories

It was the month of September. It was a dark dark night. Gradually cold waves of air were coming, lightning was shining in the sky. Mahendrachacha was sleeping in a cot in his field far from his home. His farm was near the village pond. Due to the rain, the entire pond was filled and the grass in the field was too much. It all seemed scarier in the dark for him. There were 6 to 7 big mango trees on the banks of that pond. The sound of the mango tree also sounded quite scary. Suddenly the buffalo tied in the field started making noise. Mahendrachacha did not know why the buffalo is doing this. They thought that the buffalo might be doing this due to the cold. That is why the fireplace was lit in Mahendrachacha's field. In the light of that chimney, Mahendrachacha saw his bed. They saw a woman sitting on their cot.

Horror stories in English

Seeing this, his body trembled at a rate. At the same time, there was a strong thunder in the sky. Although Mahendrachacha was brave, today he was also a little afraid. At the same time, Kaka puts straws in the fire and increased the fire more, because of that the woman was seen properly. Mahendrachacha made a boom while sitting with the heat “Who is it? But there was no response from the front. That is why Kaka was shocked. Something new came to his mind. Kaka stood up. That is why Mahendra Kaka thought that now something new will happen due to fear, I will have to work with courage because the person if gets scared is dead. Uncle took a big wood in his hand and said who are you? What do you think I'm afraid of you? But the truth was that the uncle was completely shivering in fear. Seeing this angry form of the uncle, she stood up and said loudly, "Don't you fear me?" Uncle dared and said, "Get out of here, or else it will beat your head with sticks." Mahendrachacha used to say this much and took a stick and at that moment the woman raised her voice. "Now you will take me out of my own house?" My childhood has passed here. This is my home, I have been living here for years. Hearing this, both the uncle's fear and anger calmed down. They seemed to know that the woman standing before me, her voice also seemed familiar. Uncle started thinking who is this woman after all? If I know this woman then why is it so terrible and horrible?

Horror stories
Horror stories

Short horror stories

Suddenly, oh this is Jyoti, my elder sister. As a child, I and Jyoti used to do pruning work in the field. Now Mahendrachacha understood the whole thing. This is Jyoti's childhood. When Jyoti was 14 years old, she was playing with some children in the village on this farm. Like other children, Jyoti was also climbing on a tree and jumping from one branch to another. Suddenly, the branch on which Jyoti was sitting broke, and Jyoti fell down on her face. Seeing this, all the children shouted in fear. Hearing the voices of the children screaming, the elders took the wheels and took them to the hospital, but by then it was too late. Jyoti was dead. Mahendrachacha remembered all these things, and went straight to Jyoti and wept. When the villagers came to know about this, all the villagers were surprised. Actually, she was Jyoti. 

True horror stories

A senior village elder said, "Jyoti was a child when she died. That is why she was buried as a child. But that really needed to be her final version. " That's why Jyoti's soul is wandering till today. Mahendrachacha immediately took out Jyoti from where she was buried. Nobody was having any courage that anyone could go to him. At the same time, Jyoti's soul came in front of the villagers and said, "Yes, you are right, I am dead, you do not need to fear me, I am still the daughter of this village, but I am today I am wandering till liberating me. Later Mahendrachacha performed the fire ritual of Jyoti's word and brought peace to her soul.

Last words:
I assume these horror stories gave you goosebumps while reading. Well, don't get anxious and not to feel uncertain at all. This is just for a little thrill in life. I hope you would like to read more of the same.

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