Stories for kids-(The Carpenter)

Stories for kids

Stories for kids
Stories for kids

Once upon a time, there used to be a carpenter in a village. He was so proficient in his work that he was known to many people around. He used to work with a rich man. The carpenter had built many magnificent houses with his hands, so his owner was always very happy with him.

The carpenter had grown old with time. Now he thought of leaving this business and leading a life of comfort. One day he told the same thing to his boss. Seeing the carpenter, it seemed that now he does not feel like working as before, he is tired of doing this work. But the work was too much, then the owner pleaded with the carpenter that there is a lot of work left in the business, I do not want to let you go, but if you want to go then it is fine. But a request has come to build a big bungalow. Once you prepare that bungalow with your own hands, then go away if you want.

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The carpenter also liked the talk of the owner. He thought that there is only one bungalow, I will also settle it. The carpenter started working in the new bungalow from the next day but his mind was no longer engaged in this work. Because of this, he was not able to work well. The carpenter did not put much effort into building that bungalow, he was half-heartedly preparing the last bungalow. A few days later he became ready with a finished bungalow. When the owner came to see, he understood that the carpenter did not make it with all his hard work. But he did not say anything, he came out and took a key out of the pocket and gave it to the carpenter. And said to the carpenter - you have served me all your life, this bungalow is a reward for you.

Stories for kids
Stories for kids

Moral Stories for kids

Now the carpenter's sweat has been left to his mind - if I had known that the bungalow was mine, I would have made it very good. I built good houses for the people throughout my life but made my house the most useless.

Friends, this story also applies to our lives. Every work is important in life, do every work with a full heart. Do you know that your work will lead you to success? We do not take a lot of things in life seriously, but after the time has passed, think in our mind that we could have made it better. A person lives his whole life and does a lot of things throughout his life, but after getting older, we remember that we could make our life more golden. Could add more color to it.

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Many times we get into some wrong habits in life, although we know that it is wrong but still we do not improve ourselves but when the time is out, remember that we wish we had done the right thing in time.
Stories for kids
Stories for kids

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Whatever you do friends, do it with all your heart, do you know that this moment brought good gifts for tomorrow.

Think like that carpenter, we get up every morning and then get into our own work. Do you do everything with full heart every day throughout the day? Friends think that life is a house and we are a carpenter. How to make this house is in your hands. So what are the delays? Make it as beautiful as possible, make it beautiful every day, make it day by day. When this life-like house will be erected, then in reality this house will be very magnificent.

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