Stories for kids-(The Drum)

Stories for kids

Stories for kids
Stories for kids
Once near a forest, there was a fierce war between the two kings. One won and l the other lost. The armies returned to their cities. Just then, an army drum was left behind. Bhand and Baran, who played the drum with the army, used to tell stories of valor at night.

After the war, a thunderstorm occurred. In the thrust of the storm, he got drifted and stood near a dry tree. The dry twigs of that tree were soaked(attached) with the drum in such a way that as the strong wind would hit the drum and there would be the resonant sound of the drum.

A jackal used to roam in that area. He heard the sound of drums. He was very scared. He had not heard any animal before uttering such a strange voice. He began to think about what kind of animal it is, which speaks such a loud speech 'Dhammadham'. The jackal would hide and look at the drum, to know whether these creatures are flying or running on four legs.

Moral Stories for kids

One day, he was hiding behind a jackal and kept an eye on the drum. Then a squirrel descending from the tree jumped and landed on the drum. There was also the sound of drumming. The squirrel kept munching while sitting on the drum.

Stories for kids
Stories for kids

Kids short stories

Jackal mutters “Oh! So these are not violent creatures. I shouldn't be afraid of either. "

The jackal rushed to the drum and stepped. Sniffed him. He did not see the head of the drum nor his feet. Then the twigs of the tree collided with the drum. Dham sounded and the jackal jumped up and fell back.

"Now understood.", the said while flying back, "This is an outer shell. The life is inside this shell." The voices are telling that whatever organism lives within this shell, it should be thick and fresh. Body full of fat That's why he speaks the loud dialect of dham dham. "

Bedtime stories 

As soon as he entered his den, the jackal said, “Oh jackal! Get ready for dinner. I have come to find big-fresh prey. "

Other jackal started asking "Why didn't you bring him to death?"

Stories for kids
Stories for kids

Children stories 

The jackal rebuffed him "Because I am not as foolish as you are." He is hidden inside a shell. The shell is such that it has dry skin doors on two sides. If I tried to grab my hand from one side, it would run away from the other door? "

Both went towards the drum when the moon came out. While he was approaching, the wind then hit the twigs on the drum and the sound of drumming came out. Jackal said in the other jackal's ear, "Heard his voice?" Just think, whose voice is so deep, it will be so fresh. ”

English Stories for kids

Straighten both the drum and sit on either side of it and tear the edge of both the skinned parts of the drum with the teeth attached. As soon as the foreskin began to bite, the jackal said, “Be smart. We will put our hands in together is to catch the prey. " Both of them put their hands inside the drum with the sound of 'Hoon' and began to grope inside. There was nothing else. Each other's hands got caught. Both of them shouted “Hey! There is nothing here. " And they were beaten to the forehead.

Lesson: A boiling drum, is always hollow from inside.

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