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Horror stories

Horror stories
Horror stories

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Returning from Delhi to his ancestral home in Uttar Pradesh. The train was quite late. When they landed at their station, it was half-past one at night.

It is difficult to get late-night rides from small stations. Also, Rakesh's house used to be outside the city, so he started walking along the railway line. As they left the platform and came to the side of the tracks, they saw a young woman walking along. When he asked, she told me that she was going home from the hostel and got into trouble due to the train being late. Incidentally, her house was close to the place where the road to Rakesh's house was found. He said that he will move ahead after she reaches her home. She told me that she studies at College and her father's name is Arjun Singh. She asked if you play badminton. Rakesh said - Yes, I play. She told that she has seen him playing in the tournament.

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There were fields on one side of the rail line. The sporadic population on the other. Some houses were still being built. The light was coming from some houses. While talking with her, they did not know when they reached near the rail gate. She gestures, showing Rakesh her home, and said that now she will leave. Rakesh said that he will guide her home and proceed. But she said no problem now. Rakesh finally said that she would give voice after reaching home, only then he would move forward. However, she gave a voice after reaching her door. Then he walked his way.

Two to four days later, Rakesh came towards the city, then he remembered the girl while passing by the house. He asked a shopkeeper nearby, " which is Arjun Singh's house?". He pointed to a house and told that Arjun Singh is walking around the gate.

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Horror stories
Horror stories

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Rakesh went to him and said - Namaste Uncle. They started trying to identify Rakesh. Rakesh said - Uncle 3-4 days ago, I was coming through the railway line from the station at night, so your daughter Rekha came with me. How is she now? Arjun Singh kept listening to Rakesh silently and then indicated him to come inside. Sitting in the drawing-room when a girl placed biscuits and water in the tray, Arjun Singh reveals that she is his younger daughter Shavita. Rakesh asked where is Rekha. At this, Arjun Singh pointed to the wall. The picture of Rekha was hanging there, which was garlanded. (Rakesh shudder) . Arjun Singh said: It was two months ago. Rekha was coming down from the train and walking on the railway line. Two buffaloes came running from behind, some people made noise, Rekha looked back. She ran on the railway line to avoid them. At the same time, a train was coming from which she got seriously injured and died. While saying this, his eyes were closed. Then, being a little restrained he said, Rekha was a very cheerful girl. Our house was beautiful. She was very fast to read people. Well, she did not look sad when she met you. Rakesh said that she was talking like a normal student. It was not felt from anywhere that… Rakesh got up slowly and said - I need to go for a walk, goodbye uncle.

Arjun Singh said - OK son, keep coming. Rakesh came out drifting in sentimentality. Rekha's face was around in front of his eyes.

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I assume these horror stories gave you goosebumps while reading. Well, don't get anxious and not to feel uncertain at all. This is just for a little thrill in life. I hope you would like to read more of the same.

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