Stories for kids-(The Will)

Stories for kids

Stories for kids
Stories for kids

Muhammad Ali was a famous person of his area. There was a small factory of his own, a good house and a car. Ali Saheb had spent his life in a lot of luxury. But whose death has gone on, when the last moment came near, Muhammad Ali thought to given his responsibilities to his son's name.

Ali Sahib wrote his will in a small letter and gave it to his son. Giving that letter to his son, he said that son should read this letter only when you fulfill one last wish of mine.

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I have a wish that after my death I should be wearing my torn socks only, it is my heartfelt wish to fulfill this son, and after that you open and read this letter.

After the death of the father, when his body was brought to burial ground, the son took out the same old father's socks and wanted to put on his feet. But the religious gurus sitting there restrained the son that no cloth could be worn except the shroud on the body. The son stubbornly insisted, all the ulemas and clerics were gathered.

Moral stories for kids

The son wished that the father's wish be fulfilled, but no result was found. After all, when the son opened the letter given to him by his father, he was stunned to read, his hair stood up.

It was written in the letter - “My son, I amassing wealth all my life. Built a factory, built a big house and also has a good identity in the society, but despite all this, I am not able to take a cracked part with me. I have done all the factory and wealth in your name, earn a lot of money, but remember one thing, one day death will also come to you and you will not be able to take anything with you.

Stories for kids
Stories for kids

English for kids

Always keep your deeds high and spend this money in noble deeds and help of the poor.

This is just the will of one father and also the advice …………

Short stories for kids 

The tears were visible from the son's eyes after reading.

The truth is - even if you collect lakhs of money, you cannot take anything from this world except your actions. Came empty handed, will go empty handed

Friends, this is a beautiful story based on morality, if you read like a story then you will not be able to learn anything, think this story seriously. It is not only to read but to adopt its education. Only then will it be worthwhile to write this story.

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