Stories for kids-(True morals of life)

Stories for kids

The greatness of a person depends on his character and knowledge, not on clothing.

Stories for kids
Stories for kids

Once upon a time, there was a priest living in a village. Although Panditji had a lot of knowledge of the Vedas and scriptures, he was very poor. There was neither a good house to live nor money for good food. 
There was a small hut, used to live in it, and lived his life with what he would get by asking for alms.
Once, he went to a nearby village to ask for alms, at that time his clothes were very dirty and even torn from a lot.

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When he knocked on the door of a house, a person came out from the front, when he saw the Pandit in ragged clothes, his heart was filled with anger and he pushed the Pandit out of the house and said, I do not know from where the dirty maniac Has come.

Stories for kids
Stories for kids

Moral stories for kids

The Pandit returned with a sad heart while returning back to his house when a rich man saw the pandit's torn clothes, he showed compassion and gave the Pandit new clothes to wear.

The next day, Pandit again went to the same village to ask for alms with the same person. The person saw the Pandit in new clothes and with folded hands, invited the Pandit inside, and gave him many dishes to eat on a plate with great respect. Panditji did not put a single piece in his mouth and slowly put all the food on his clothes age and said - take and eat. The person was watching all this with great surprise, after all, he asked that - Panditji, what are you doing, why are you putting all the food on your clothes.

Stories for kids
Stories for kids

English stories for kids

Pandit Ji gave a very brilliant answer - because you have not given this food to me but to these clothes, that is why I am feeding this food only to these clothes when yesterday I came to your house in dirty clothes, you pushed me out of the house and Today you presented me good food by looking at me in clean and new clothes. 

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In fact, You have not given me this food, only these clothes, the person was very sad to hear this. Friends, the greatness of a person depends on his character and knowledge, not on dress. Wearing good clothes and jewelry does not make a person great, for that good deeds are required. This is the inspiration of this story

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