Horror stories-(Luther's wandering soul)

Horror stories

Horror stories
Horror stories

Indian horror stories

This is the story of four friends, their names are Kabir, Prem, Surya, and Akash. Those four friends lived in a Chola in Mumbai city, far from their homes. They were all unemployed. 

Ghost stories in English

To spend his life, they would steal whatever, and whenever they get. Till now everything was going well in his life. But one day they made a very big mistake. They had stolen something from the house which had been closed for almost 350 years. They found an amulet from that house, which belonged to Luther's wife Liza. She loved her talisman. Always hugged it. When those four friends went to steal in the house, they found the amulet that was made of gold, kept in a cupboard box. In today's time, it was worth more than about 100 crores. They all stole that talisman and brought it with them to their home. But they had no idea that he had brought their death at the home with them. Suraj starts telling the story of that house to the other three friends. 

Ghost stories

Mr. Luther's family used to live in that house. Mr. Luther and his handicapped wife were the only ones in the family. The servants were also accompanied. One day Luther's wife became very ill and he called the doctor. The doctor told Luther that his wife Liza had fallen victim to someone's lust. Due to which she is pregnant for about three months of her pregnancy. They have to admit her to the hospital, otherwise, their life may be in danger. But Luther told them to treat it on this and no talk about it should go out of the house. Luther was very upset about who would have done all this with Liza and why. Luther was mentally ill. One day, he strangled his wife Liza to death and murdered them one by one for suspicion on all his servants. Later, some villagers killed Luther together and since then Luther's soul has been hovering in that house. People used to say that whoever steals the talisman of Liza's necklace, Luther's soul would kill him and that talisman would have re-entered his house. 

Horror stories
Horror stories

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Kabir, Prem, Suraj, and Akash only three did not know anything about that haunted house. But ever since they brought that talisman to his house, something had started to happen to them. Then one night it happened when Luther's soul entered his house. Because when all those friends inside that house, then one of their friends Kabir had died. Luther's soul had arrived at Kabir's body with all the three friends at home. On the night of the robbery, all the friends talked about watching a ghost film and put up a Japanese horror movie. But when the movie went on, only photos of all three friends were playing in it. Not a movie After some time all my friends understood that there is something wrong in our house. Luther's soul began to occupy one by one and slowly began to die one by one. As soon as all the friends have died, then Luther's soul went back to that house. Also, that amulet of Lisa went back to that house. It is said that you can't do anything about that. Since then, thieves also stopped going throughout.

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I assume these horror stories gave you goosebumps while reading. Well, don't get anxious and not to feel uncertain at all. This is just for a little thrill in life. I hope you would like to read more of the same.

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