Horror stories-(Yogi turns into ghost)

Horror stories

Horror stories
Horror stories

Indian horror stories

Ghost! This word itself is very strange and gives goosebumps. But not all ghosts are ghosts (evildoers); Some are like monks by nature. Meaning if a good man becomes a ghost after his death, then his works are good but sometimes the good or evil of the ghost depends on the circumstances in which he died. Meaning if there is a very good man but someone is killed intentionally by an enemy, then after that person becomes a ghost, you cannot expect better from him but maybe he is also good.

Ghost stories

The story I am going to tell today is of a ghost of a sage nature. Even today, there is a kind of beggar in the villages which is called Jogi (= Yogi). These people especially wear saffron or red. There is an instrument called sarangi in their hands, which these people keep playing while begging. Some yogis are also very proficient in singing and sing along with playing sarangi. These Jogis sing songs related to Raja Bharathari in their songs. It is said about King Bharthari that he was a very good king and later became a Jogi. Announcing 'Alakh Niranjan' as Jogi, he first came to his own house for alms and took alms from his mother's hand. Actually, it is said about these Jogis that after becoming a Jogi, they first have to take alms from their mother or wife, and their identity should be hidden while taking alms only then they will prove to be true Jogis. The method of the begging of these Jogis also varies. Some Jogis enter the village playing sarangi and take whatever food and money they get from house to house, but some Jogis run a village ferry for a month. During this ferry, they roam the entire village once a day, playing and singing Jogi Sarangi. During this ferry, he does not take anything from anyone's house, but after a month of ferrying, he goes from house to house to collect clothes (old too) or a good amount of grains, etc. People make dolls or bench with these clothes. Did you tell me what I am narrating? Hey, I had to tell the story of Bhogi Jogi and I started to read the story of Jogi. Let us start the story of Bhogi Jogi without any hindrance: - This story is from 35-40 years ago. The old people of our village tell us that long ago, these Jogi people (Bhikhmange Jogi) used to form a large group and camped in a garden outside the village. By dividing the area among themselves, these people used to go to different villages for alms. Once upon a time, one such group of Jogis was staying in a garden outside our village. At this time, there was an abundance of berries, mango trees, etc. in this garden. (Even today there are few berries in this garden.)No one from our village was aware of where these Jogis were from, nor did anyone want to know about these people. Now, this jogis had camped in that garden only two or four days, a strange incident happened. One day a person from our village went to that garden in the morning for some reason. What he sees in the garden is that the team of yogis is absent and a Jogi is hanging on a tree of Jamun with a flute. Seeing that hanging body of Jogi, the man ran towards the village screaming. Hearing his screams, many people of the village gathered and came together to the berries in that garden. The village watchman reported to the police station. The police came and took the body of that Jogi. According to some enlightened people of the village, there was a big quarrel among the Jogis about something and they killed this Jogi and hung it here and fled. Well, here is the talk of that Jogi dying. Time began to pass slowly and suddenly after a month or so, the Jogi was seen sitting alone on the same berries tree and playing a string of violins. The fact that Jogi's ghost spread quickly spread throughout the village, and after that, no one went to the berries alone. Some people even claimed that at times he played Jogi Bhinsare Sarangi and even saw him in solitude outside the village. 

Short horror stories

Horror stories
Horror stories

Ghost stories in English

Once upon a time, a group of children went to that garden to eat berries. The children saw no sleep and three or four children burst onto the berries and started breaking the berries. Some children stood down and started breaking the berries by beating them with Jhata (small wooden stick) and Dhale (brick, piece of clay). The process of breaking the berries of the children was just beginning that a child standing below saw a jogi sitting on the top of that tree of berries. Seeing that Jogi, that child screamed. Now the children standing below also saw that jogi. When the eyes of the children climbed on the tree, the snake sniffed at them and they came down in a hurry. A child climbed a tree, could not handle himself and fell from the tree but came down on a tree near the bottom. Some children saw that the Jogi had held him. After that the Jogi took the child down and put him to sleep on the ground and disappeared himself. This entire incident took place within just 5-7 minutes. All the children had now started crying loudly and some even ran towards the village. Now some big people of the village also came near the berries tree with sticks and spears etc. The child was picked up in an unconscious state and brought home. After 2-3 hours, he was fully recovered. The children who saw the falling child holding it down by the Jogi were put to sleep; When those people told this to everyone, a sense of reverence and respect for that Jogi had arisen in the entire village.

Last words:
I assume these horror stories gave you goosebumps while reading. Well, don't get anxious and not to feel uncertain at all. This is just for a little thrill in life. I hope you would like to read more of the same.

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