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 About me:

Hey guys, first of all, thanks for making a visit to my blog. Let's begin by introducing myself, my name is Sudipta Barua, born and brought up in Arunachal Pradesh, India. Currently, studying as an engineering student at RIT Islampur, Maharashtra.

About my blog: The writing world.

Do you agree with the fact " Reading makes a full man, conference makes a ready man and writing an exact man"? Reading, writing, and discussing have a great influence on making you a citizen of the World. 
As the spirit of the place grows into you, you become a citizen of that place. Thus one can be easily a Malaysian, an American, an Indian, and so on. This blog is created to bring together people around the globe, to bring in motivation, some positive vibes, and thought of our own lives and surroundings.

Motive and approach:

Knowledge is something, the more you share, the more you get. I have started this blog to impart whatever the things I read, in the form of short tales, based on society, personal experience, and a whole lot of other things. And most importantly, this blog will give me a platform to all you guys, to maybe justify your opinions, your vision, and all those things you wanna express.

Few things before wrapping up:

The Writing World will have a broad approach to learning the newest of the things possible starting from proper language to proper interaction. So keep visiting and utilize your leisure time.

Share your thoughts, poems, tales with me in Email baruasudipta589@gmail.com    

Enjoy your day and be happy because it's humanly possible.


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